Crowne Hotel

A famous place located in Melbourne City. There is a casino inside which is huge, a food court, some food outlets, designer brand outlets, clothing outlets, cinema, arcade and many more. I have been here like three times and the last visit was pretty lovely.

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Inside Crowne Hotel, there is a chandelier display with formations and colorful lights.

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Outside of Crowne Hotel, there is a river right in front.

Everyday there will be a fire display starting at 6pm and the fire display continues every an hour after that. I heard from my friend that the hotel spend million dollars on the fire displays. I have recorded the fire display but too bad there is no sound. Sorry, my camera is a little retarded, it doesn’t have a mic! Stream it here.

We always get our way back at night. It’s always so cold and my nose is as red as Rudolph. We took the train from Flinders Street Station and stopping at Glenferrie Station. Everyone was tired and get ourselves rested as soon as we reached our apartment.

Traclyn Yeoh


On the 12th August, my flat mates and some other friends went to Box Hill for grocery shopping. We took the opportunity to go out every Sunday because the train and tram fare is cheaper than other days. It’s called Sunday Saver and with the ticket we could travel all zones. Later on we were separated while grocery shopping. We have loads of groceries and other personal stuff, my flat mates decided to return to our apartment to put down our belongings. The next round is to find a warehouse sales in Docklands where we have no idea where is it. In the warehouse sales, they are selling the designer labels where nothing is more than $50. Flo was tired and didn’t want to join us to Docklands.

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We took tram to get ourselves to Docklands. It was far and we weren’t sure of the exact location. We have searched and manage to find Docklands but now we don’t know where the warehouse sales are. The sun is setting and the scenery is very beautiful. The temperature is decreasing, I felt so cold, so as others. The warehouse sales close at 7pm. It’s already 6pm and we are still searching. We couldn’t find the place and we gave up. However, it wasn’t a bad experience after all. We found a well-designated bridge where I find that it’s pretty creative and modern. Although we were hitting the road blindly, we also found a few of beautiful Porsche in a car showroom. The night is getting too cold. We decided to find our way out and head back to our apartment.

Traclyn Yeoh