Celebrate The Love!

Valentine wishes is flooding everywhere whether in Facebook, Twitter, Google and newspapers too. This year, I had to celebrate in advance because The Lover have go for a business meeting today. We had a very nice dinner and spend quality time together very much yesterday. We had dinner at Delicious at Marc Residence and the ambiance is warm and cozy, we also had the sofa seats which makes us much more comfortable after our food.

If you’re going out for a date today, do give this a try. Less is more, your date would love you to go out with light makeup and don’t be afraid to wear colors at the same time. I only manage to come out with one tutorial for this Valentine’s, I was a little busy after this tutorial.

Deep down in my heart, I sincerely wishing everyone who is reading this Happy Valentine’s Day. This celebration doesn’t limit to the couples but share it with your friends and family. Here is a song that I loved so much from Kina Grannis specially for you.

UPDATE – 16th February:

I left my office on Valentine’s Day feeling a little gloomy. I saw an old lady selling fresh roses by the street side and wanted to buy some from her but thinking that those would just last for few days and ended not buying anything. I don’t ask for any gifts for occasions like this because I know it’s always overpriced. That evening it was drizzling and The Lover had me at a surprise when I almost reached home. He didn’t have any business meeting after all!


Traclyn Yeoh
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