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Another love for Thai food lovers out there. I have visited Chang Rai for more than 10 times, I think. I should really show some quality food from here~  *huge smile*

Here are some sauces that they serve. They do not charge for their sauces but you just have to beware of the level of spiciness and if you can’t stand on these hot stuff, I recommend not to go or else you would numb your lip, tongue, throat and stomach. Let me describe the taste of each sauce.

  1. It’s spicy, a little of shrimp paste flavor. Level of spiciness: medium.
  2. Has sour vinegar-like taste, light texture. Level of spiciness: medium.
  3. Has a wee bit of nutty flavor but spicy. Level of spiciness: high.
  4. Strong shrimp paste with chilly. Level of spiciness: high.

Dish #1: BBQ Cockerel

According to my peeps, they are very fresh and not too overcooked. I don’t eat them, I think they are too bloody and sandy (had a bad experience). At times when the restaurant is too busy, they could overcook the cockerel.

Price: MYR5.00

Dish #2: Clams in Superior Soup

This is one of my favorite because I love clams! These clams are cooked in the superior soup with slices of ginger. It’s a leveled dish with small fire lit underneath, keeping it warm and the ginger adds a tinge of hotness. The clams are very fresh and the soup is so yummy! RECOMMENDED!

Price: MYR 18.00

Dish #3: Clay Pot Green Curry Chicken

This clay pot might look small just like those individual dish but the flavor is very rich. Topped with basil it gives the green an authentic flavor to it. It has eggplant in it which pretty much camouflage in the curry because of its thick sauce. It’s not very spicy, pretty mild and the sauce has very rich coconut milk in it. It taste really nice but if you’ll can get of it as the flavor may be too strong. It’s still a nice dish, worth trying!

Price: MYR 14.00

Dish #4: Stir Fry Sweet Potato Leaves

These potato leaves taste just like spinach. Stir fried with garlic and the taste is not too overwhelming. The leaves are not old but fresh and juicy. Not bad!

Price: MYR9.00

Dish #5: BBQ Red Preserved Bean Curd Pork

The pork marinated with red preserved bean curd (also known as Lam Yu in Cantonese) gives great fragrant to the meat. Without charring the pork, the meat is cooked well enough that is juicy and crunchy outside. Thumbs up for this! RECOMMENDED!

Price: MYR20.00

Dish #6: Steam Fish in Thai Style

On a leveled dish with fire underneath of it, this fish drenched with Thai soup with oyster mushroom and topped with fresh parsley. The soup has spicy and sour flavor to it, we are given an additional little bowl of soup because they know you will love the soup! This could get too spicy and sour at the end because the soup thickens up. The fish is fresh as the flesh is smooth and juicy. It wasn’t overcooked, that’s the best part of it. RECOMMENDED!

Price: MYR50.00

Dish #7: Foo Yong Omelette

We always love this dish but this dish was a little oily and it was missing some shrimps in it. It was just ommelette with spring onion and onion.

Price: MYR8.00

I highly recommend trying the food here, the food is pretty authentic and it’s best when you can take spicy food. They are located at:

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Not recommended to Muslims as they serve pork. The bill is not subjected to tax charges.


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