Cherry Blossom Nails

Cherry blossom a.k.a sakura has been one of my favorite flower and since Spring is here, this is a good excuse for some blossoming flowers on my nails. My nails has been naked without any nail polish for almost a week since it was all short and stubby, it has finally grown out for a bit and I hadn’t really do any nail tutorial for a while. Let’s get started!

First, I applied base coat to strengthen and protect my nails from turning yellow. This is my long time favorite base coat from The Face Shop, I haven’t come across any that helps to strengthen and nourishes my nails so well. If you have any better recommendations, do let me know!

Second is to apply this pale pink nail color. This nail polish has iridescent shine to it and its from The Face Shop as well. I applied two coats as this is sheer and the whites of my nails are very white hence still showing very much even after the double coat.

Using a dotting tool, I dotted gold glitter in the middle at my lower nails. Only for my thumb nail, I have dotted at the side to make the design a little different.

I applied the base coat around the gold glitter dot and put on cherry blossom petals, two for each nail and three for the thumb. The petals are from fimo clay stick where I bought them from night markets. They are in little stick from where you have to cut them yourself and I store mine in contact lens bottle since I have them lying around.

This is a last minute decision to add on more dots on the tips since it was a little plain after the previous step. Again, did the dotting with gold glitter nail polish and it didn’t turn out too bad.

Apply top coat to protect your nail designs to make it last longer and shine beautifully. Clean up the sides and finish off by applying cuticle oil right after. We’re done!

This is the final look, I love how it turned out although my nails aren’t too long, what do you think? I will have a makeup tutorial to come along with this soon. Stay tuned!


Traclyn Yeoh
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