Cherry Blossom Spring Makeup Tutorial

When it comes to spring, how could I forget cherry blossoms? They are one of my favourite flower at all times with hope that one day I could see the real flower itself. Cherry blossom or sakura are blooms in spring and its a waste that it only last for a week. I’m a little jumpy in the video, don’t mind me I’m just too excited to share it with you. Enjoy!


If you look at the eye makeup closely, they seem a little dramatic but I promise that its wearable in a different way. It’s a spring makeup after all. I love how it shows nicely shaped petals whenever you look down.

See? It doesn’t look as dramatic isn’t it? Instead it looked pretty dolly, sweet and delicate.

Don’t be afraid to wear colors for this spring. To match with this look, you can try any simple and cute hairstyle.

That’s my bed behind me with strawberry plushie and red panda hand puppet, on the right side of the image is my bag hanger. ¬†Background exposed! This is also the place I usually do my filming, I’m always sitting on my bed!


Traclyn Yeoh
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