Classic Shanghai Night Makeup Tutorial

I felt Chinese New Year is arriving too soon, like next week? Crazy and I haven’t got any much prepared except for some clothing hauls this week and coincidentally I found many great bargains. It’s not only great but I think its SUPER BARGAIN!

However, I’m sharing a makeup look that you can try. It’s very simple and elegant, I would say it would be great for a night look. What do you say?


The reason why I have selected this Classic Shanghai Night is because its not too difficult to achieve, simple yet the red lips pulls off a great statement. It’s great to go along with Chinese New Year too, it’s very classic and retro.

With this look, I played around with different hair styles. My curls loosen up for a bit, otherwise I think it will look better. Of course, Biore has been generous and giving out their Cleansing Oil-in Cotton Wipes, here. Do participate!

Many thanks to my BFF for helping me in filming this video, it was fun to find ideas to direct some takes for the video. We struggled at first looking for the location, we were lost at first. Once we found it, we looked around for a spot and I had all my equipment set up for filming. Thank goodness, everything went well after all. Waiting for the night to fall was quite a bit but it’s worth all the effort. I hope everyone enjoy the tutorial and stay tuned for more alright? Last but not least,






Traclyn Yeoh
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