Cleansing and Drying Your Makeup Brushes

Every time when I take my makeup brushes for a bath, it reminds me of how I used to wash my paint brushes after an art class or paintings. I used to paint a lot when I was schooling but it has been a while, I think my painting skills has rusted *roll eyes* .

I could still remember I never really cared those paint brushes. I used to chuck them in a cup of water and left it for a while until the bristles are all bent. I never wash them with any soap or cleansing agent and whenever I’m done washing them, I just toss those wet brushes in the drawer. Never bother them until my next use, terrible? Yes it is and don’t ever do that to your makeup brushes!

Your brushes can get dirty even if you don’t use them. The bristles are just like our hair ends, it picks up dust whenever you move them. Let’s say if you place the brush stagnant, there is still dust roaming around it.

Cleaning your brushes are as important as how you would wash your hair, just … not as frequent. There are so many makeup cleansers out there that you could try or just use baby shampoo or DIYs that you could look out from blogs or Youtube. Personally, I’m still using Daiso Sponge Cleanser and sometimes I use baby shampoo when I’m out of the cleanser.

What’s optional is you can use hair conditioners to moisturize and soften the bristles if the cleanser roughen the bristles. You just have to make sure that you rinse it thoroughly.

When it comes to bringing your makeup brushes for a bath, I recommend investing on a tray with the sides that has a little height on it. With this tray it makes things a lot easier for the entire process. I bought this lovely tray from Daiso.

First, you can carry your all brush easily to the bathroom or sink in one go without dropping any. If you have loads of brushes (I have more than 30 pieces), the tray do come in handy. Rather than having a handful of makeup brushes or even risking to drop it, just lay your brushes on to the tray and you are ready. I’m pretty sure you need to bring towel and the cleanser along if they are not in your bathroom. This way you could carry more items on your way to the bathroom.

After washing your brushes, it is recommended to air dry it and leave it over night. Try not to use any hair dryer – as I said earlier, the bristles are just like your hair. Using hair dryer could damage the bristles and for synthetic bristles, it could probably melt.

Second point for investing in trays is the brush placement while drying it. After cleaning, you could place the towel on the tray before positioning the brushes. Back to the earlier point, you could easily carry all the brushes again for drying. With the brushes positioned nicely on the tray, it is separated nicely and ready to get dry without rolling off from the towel.

Third, the height on the tray sides. The height on the sides of my tray is approximately half an inch, you don’t want to go higher than that. Notice how I placed my brush ends at the tray sides? This is to prevent the water accumulated on the bristles to flow into the ferrule. Ferrule is the part where the brush bristles connects to the brush handles. Your tray sides shouldn’t be too tall because if it is, you will bend your bristles and distort it. If you don’t have a tray, you could use another towel or any item that could help to elevate your brush ends.

If your brushes comes with a brush roll, don’t forget to clean it! Your dirty brushes was in it, so it makes a lot of sense to clean it too ya? My brush roll material is probably PVC and the fastest way to clean it is to sanitize it with alcohol prep. In case if you wonder where I get the alcohol prep, you may find them in any pharmacy. If your brush roll is made out of cloth material, you could just gently wash them with laundry detergent.

Is there any tips that you would like to share?

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. this reminds me i have to give my brushes a wash ASAP! >.<

    thanks for the tray tip, i never thought of using one to carry and to dry my brushes! 😛

    • No problem! Once a while we need to remind each other of something. I guess this is something useful to be shared~

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