Collistar Talasso-Scrub Termoattivo Review

YAY! Yet again I’m being selected by Sasa Malaysia for me to review their product. This review will work just like how I did for BeautyFoot.

It’s the Collistar Talasso-Scrub Termoattivo. It’s a deluxe sample sized in 150ml. I had some problem in collecting the item from selected outlet of Sasa. I almost went back home with empty hands TWICE! You know it’s really weird that the sales people kept looking at you awkwardly and you have nothing much to do but to wait for them to get back to you, that kind of feeling? After my second attempt of collection which the product is not available for me to pick up (I was informed through email that it’s ready for pick up), I receive a call from one of the Sasa representative. Sorry but I forgot her name silly. She told me that she is on her way to the outlet and asking if she could pass the sample to me personally. After an arrangement, she did hand the sample to me personally. Kudos to her and good job! I mean how often do you get people to send things personally to you unless you requested it? Thumbs up for that. I even thought of not doing any collection after the second attempt but she changed my mind.

Screen shot image from Collistar

From the image, you may found out what the function of the scrub. It’s not just ordinary body scrub but it helps to remodel and revitalize your body. From the jar in my possession it says, reshaping exfoliating salts with phytoextracts and essential oil.

I was quite impress that it comes with a transparent seal after I remove the lid. You can see that my sakura flower piece is sitting on top of the seal. No wonder I couldn’t smell anything when I sniffed it before opening the lid. It may look quite runny from this image, seeing the liquid is hanging from the seal. For all the scrubs I use in jar form, many doesn’t come with seal but …

When I try to remove the seal, only the outer seal came off.  It looks like a bracelet from above image, isn’t it? I tried to remove the seal firmly and gently but it was tough to remove the entire seal! I had to poke it with something sharp then I’ll be able to remove the entire seal.

Before I use it, I notice the sea salt separates from the liquid in the scrub. I didn’t know what to do until I notice from Collistar website that it has a spatula. Maybe the full sized ones does come with a spatula but the one I’ve got here with me doesn’t. I had to use my own spatula to mix the scrub evenly and after mixing it, I notice that it doesn’t separate for a few days. The texture is pretty thick after mixing, it looked quite juicy. I would say the sea salt can be considered fine and I love the smell of the lavender essential oil. It makes me felt like I’m already in a spa! The heavenly smell lasted even until I left the bathroom pleased.

I didn’t know how to use it for the first time (I’m not too sure how did I missed the direction to use from the jar) and I wet my body before scrubbing. The scrub slip off from my body easily and the sea salt melt off immediately. It felt like I’m only applying a whole liquid of nothing. I also scooped with my hand and left it sometime before applying on my body. It develop the heat that is not very comfortable on my palm though!

Later on after giving much thought about it, I finally figured out to use the scrub on my dry body whatevah. With the help of the spatula, I scooped it and gently place the scrub on my body then spread it with my palms. This time the heat was really nice and comfortable. The heat is not too overwhelming, so there’s no worry about burning your skin. It feels like you’re in a sauna. Although applied on dry skin, the scrub wasn’t too harsh for the skin and some of the sea salt tend to drop off from my body as I massage it.

Here, I’m just using the back of my palm showing you how the scrub looks like. Not going to show how it works like on my body, you perverted kiddos silly ! I also notice as I massage my body absorb most of the liquid quickly. Seems like my body is quite thirsty.

When I rinse off, the sea salt seems to melt away and left my skin feeling squeaky clean. With the water flowing on my skin, I could see that my skin looked glossy and shiny, like a healthy dewy skin under the water? When I dry myself, my skin felt so extremely smooth, soft and velvety. There were a few times that I forgot to apply body lotion after scrubbing and my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight. It is still well-hydrated.

My skin appear brighter right after the scrubbing but after a few hours it just turned back to normal. My bum seems to be more toned (I think have droopy bum) and the appearance of cellulite seems to have lighten a little. Some body scrubs gives me tiny bumps  on my chest after I exfoliate but this doesn’t. Can you even see how the back of my palm look more refined than my wrist where I didn’t apply the scrub?

For this 150ml sample I could use it up to 4-5 times, application on entire body for each use. It is recommended once or twice a week but I  use it on alternate days which my skin is fine with it. The one for sale comes in 700ml which is quite a big jar and it’s available in Sasa outlets for RM145, which I think it’s quite pricey for my liking.

Here are the ingredients listing. See how much natural ingredients in there? Let’s get to know your natural ingredients scientific names:

  1. Lavandula angustifolia = Lavender
  2. Rosmarinus officinalis = Rosemary leaf extract
  3. Commiphora mukul resin = Guggal, Guggul or Mukul myrrh resin extract
  4. Forskohlii = Forskohlin
  5. Ficus carica = Common fig
  6. Camellia sinensis = A type of tea plant
  7. Hedera helix = Common ivy
  8. Fucus vesiculosus = Bladderwrack
  9. Chondrus crispus = Irish/Carageen moss

I do recommend this product if you could afford it, this is a great body scrub.The product is made in Italy and again, full size jar of 700ml retail price in Sasa is for RM145.


  • Sealed before use
  • Great smell of essential oil
  • Fine sea salt
  • Gentle heat
  • Squeaky clean skin
  • Hydrating
  • Leave skin extremely smooth, soft and velvety
  • Toned and lightly reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Refined skin
  • Spa-like treatment
  • Doesn’t give tiny bumps on my chest


  • Seal removal was not at ease
  • Temporary brightening
  • Does not come with spatula for this 150ml sample size
  • Expensive

My rating: 4.8/5

For Malaysians, you’ll be able to find this at Sasa outlets.

For my International readers, you may want to look around for beauty retailers near you ,online or inquire from Collistar’s website for help.

For more information of Collistar products, please visit their website, here.

The product was given free by Sasa Malaysia for Guest Reviews Campaign. Please check, here.


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