Cowboy Chic Tutorial

The most common theme around the globe, Cowboy. With the word ‘boy’ included that doesn’t mean only ‘the boys’ could bring this theme. The girls can carry this out easily.

Items Used:

  1. Daiso Dial Concealer
  2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cover Stick
  3. Garnier Light Visible Whitening Face Powder in 02 Natural
  4. Daiso Ellefar Multi Cheek Color in Orange


  1. Daiso Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
  2. L.A. Colors 5 Metallic Eyeshadow in EP22 Tease
  3. Daiso Nose Shadow
  4. Eyeko Mascara


  1. Daiso Princess Lip Gloss in Clear


  1. KMS 506 Foundation Brush
  2. Elianto Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Mini Brush
  4. Malian Duo Fiber Brush
  5. Voce Moda 511

One thing easy to go with this theme is denims and the cowboy hat. This look is suitable for day and night as the makeup is light and easy. If you wish for heavier looking eyes, just apply black or dark brown eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eyes to create that smokey eye.

Have fun! Cheers~

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. This look is just too adorable!

    BTW, I just had a thought after I commented before, this can be good for halloween too if you’re dressing up as a cowgirl/cowboy! Not every look has crazy make up.

    Also, do you take requests? If you do, I’d LOVE to see an updated 50s make up tutorial. It’s kinda hard to find some of them & the ones I do find just pile on make up like they used to back then. I’d like to see one updated with make up used today. Not many girls use pancake make up now…


  2. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Hahaha, thanks dear. But Halloween is suppose to be all creepy and scary. I’m working out on a halloween tutorial ever since you mentioned in youtube. If its costume party, this should do alright.

    Of course I do take up request, but pardon me that it may take sometime for me to do some trial and error.

    @ChevalierSeingal@datingish – Thank you, hope to see you around more often.

  3. @voguefemme – Thanks, I just bookmarked you so I won’t forget. I am accumilating so many friends now it is hard to keep up. The problem’s of popularity are never ending.

    Anyhow if you look on my youtube account you will see 2 guy’s there that are fantastic at makeup. The name of the one is “Petrilude”, and the name of the other is “Gregory Gorgeous”, they are fabulous darling!!!

  4. @ChevalierSeingal@datingish – It’s always good to learn and picking up advices from the rest, just make sure that they are positive ones.

    @Dee – Thanks sweetheart! I’ll check that out.

    @topremier – Glad that you like it. I’m no expert in brush too but it’s better to clean them before you use them just as a precaution step in case of any bacteria or dirt on the brush. You can try on the makeup brush cleansers or use baby shampoos will be good.

  5. Hey! Great video! =) Great timing too, at work there’s this wild wild west theme dinner on fri. I’ll help u post up the utube thingie on Facebook =) But err.. how to do it?

    Also where did u get the hat? I might wanna get one if i have the time

  6. @bay_bee_tea – Thanks sweetheart. You can just post it up as a link. Where you have the normal shout out box? but there should be one icon to post up link.

    I bought this hat when I was in Melbourne. I could borrow it to you if you want.

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