D.I.Y. Beauty Secrets: Chocolate Anti-Aging Mask

I believe many of us likes chocolates, so am I. I do know some friends who don’t consume due to several reasons. One of the reasons, fearing that they will end up with breakouts, however it is not true. Do you know that chocolate is rich with anti-oxidant properties? It breaks down free radicals (causes significant damage and wrinkles formation to your skin), detoxify and hydrate your skin.


This chocolate mask nourishes, refreshes and invigorates your skin. It is suitable for normal, dehydrated and mature skin. This is all homemade and natural ingredients. I have prepared a video and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Just on the safe side, I’ll list down step by step what you need to do in order to prepare this mask.

1. You need two tablespoon of cocoa powder


2. Two tablespoon of plain yogurt


3. A tablespoon of honey


4. Three teaspoon of finely chopped oats


5. Mix all the ingredients together and apply the yummy-licious chocolate mask on your face. The smell of the cocoa is just so overwhelming!

Girl eats chocolate

6. Rinse face with water. Remember to tone and moisturize your skin.


Keep that healthy young radiant glow of your skin. Good luck!

This posting has been featured in Lovelyish: Chocolate: Good for Your Skin and Taste Buds.


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I’ve used a similar DIY chocolate mask with the only difference being that I use cream instead of yogurt. I agree that this does work to leave your skin beautifully soft and vibrant. It’s a little messy to rinse off but it’s still a guilt free chocolate treat!!!
    Great video, thanx for making it =]

  2. That was interesting!

    Which is better…wearing this on your face, or eating it- it looks like you could so both. =)
    It would also make a nice Valentine surprise for your bf….talk about sweet kisses…..

  3. @Melanie – The max that you may go with to keep this mask is a week. It doesn’t contain preservatives, therefore you can’t keep them long. You might want to keep it in the fridge too.

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