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In collaboration of Mivva x Revlon, they are introducing Revlon Super Lustrous Lip range in a lovely evening last week at Marmalade Cafe located in Bangsar Village 2. It was a rush hour where most people are getting off from work or school and the events starts at 7pm but I manage to get there on time and it was great to finally catch up with my blogger buddies there. We were served with dinner before the event started, most of the time I stuffed myself with their desserts.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss 2

A tray of mostly Revlon latest products were placed on the table. Just by looking at it, hits my patience that I have to go through all of it excitedly.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Janice Ong

Janice, the Brand Manager of Revlon Malaysia enlighten us about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick and Lip Gloss. They come in 8 different shades and are available in the stores now with special introductory price below MYR30 on both of their lip products.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Types of Lips by Berry

Berry, the Beauty Trainer of Revlon Malaysia shares with us how identify the type of lips that we have and ways on improving it.

  • Full Lips – upper and lower lips are fairly thick

Tips: Reduce the size of the lips by using dark color within the line of your lips to create an illusion of smaller lips

  • Large Top Lips – upper lips are thicker than lower lips

Tips: Use lip liner on the bottom lips to balance with upper lips

  • Thin Lips – thin-sized lips on upper and lower lips

Tips: Make lips appear larger by applying lip liner over the natural line of your lips to accentuate the size of your lips.

  • Droopy Lips – lips are slightly curved down creating unhappy smile naturally

Tips: Use lip liner to create  wing up (just like eye liner) to minimize the curved down effect.

  • Wrinkled Lips – lips with wrinkles and fine lines

Tips: Use darker colors and avoid using frosty/shimmer finish lip product as it will further accentuate the lines.

  • Thin Upper Lips – upper lips is thinner than lower lips

Tips: Apply lip liner over the natural lip line to emphasize on the top lips.

  • Perfect Lips – size and thickness of the lips that are well balanced

Tip: Any color will match the lips

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - 3D Lips Demo

Berry also shared with us the techniques in creating 3D lips and model of the day has to be JQ Lee of Nia Angel by JQ Lee.

  1. Begin with applying lip stick with/without brush starting at the outer corner of the lips towards inside on both, upper and lower lips.
  2. To get a smoother application, we can always gently press close to the lip area then apply lip product. This way also gives a better control for the application.
  3. Using  light eye shadow, dab it in the middle of the lips to create that 3 dimensional effect.
  4. Layer over with lip gloss to give that perfect shine and pout.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Jq Lee

Here’s the finish for that 3D Lips! We were also enlighten with challenge to create lustrous look to finish off the event and winners gets their prizes!

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - 8 Shades

The new Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are far different from the existing range. This gives a sheer with glossier finish and they are retail for MYR 32. These are formulated light-weight, easy gliding and buildable color payoff. It has light reflecting LiquiShine complex, containing Abyssinian oil which delivers shiny and radiant color. Also, contains vitamin E and avocado oil to keep your lips conditioned.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss - 8 Shades

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss has been revamped with new packaging and formula. It also comes with 8 different shades and the new formula is silky, non-sticky and non-irritating formula with light reflecting LiquiShine complex derived from Abyssinian oil. The new soft petal-shaped applicator makes application comfortable and easy gliding over the lips plus vitamin E and avocado oil to keep your pout moisturized. These lip glosses are retailing at MYR30.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Absolute Radiance+ CC Cream

We were also introduced with Revlon Absolute Radiance+™ range. First would be the Revlon Absolute Radiance+™ CC Cream which is a one-step complete care cream. It offers whitening benefits, hydrates, minimize pores, color corrects, protect with SPF30/PA++ and gives natural coverage. In just 7 days, you will see the difference. Comes in 3 shades and this is retailing at MYR55.

Mivva x Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick & Lip Gloss - Absolute Radiance+ Two Way Powder Foundation

Next is the Revlon Absolute Radiance+™ Two Way Powder Foundation that helps to even out skin tone with greater luminosity and flawless complexion. This compliments with the CC cream and they come in 4 different shades. This is retailing at MYR65.

It was a rough buff week for me at work last week and it was exciting and fun having to catch up with everyone as well as participating the activities. I have always been a great supporter for Revlon because I believe in their products very much.  This event was definitely a stress reliever  for me. Thank you so much to Mivva and Revlon for having me to be part of this.

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