Discovering More Than Just Water – Vanity Trove x Avène Beauty Workshop

Avène is a well-known skin care brand for its thermal spring water. Personally, I have not use their skin care because as far as I know, their skin care caters to those who have sensitive skin and it is true but they have extended more than just for sensitive skin. All of their skin care products contain the thermal spring water harvested in Saint Odile, France.

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop 2

Just last week, I had the opportunity with many other bloggers to participate Avène’s beauty workshop in collaboration with Vanity Trove Malaysia, held in Café Barbera located in Bangsar. From this workshop, we get to understand the foundation of Avène, the extensive skin care products and hand-ons to try Avène’s skin care.

The thermal spring water was discovered in 1736 after Marquis of Rocozel’s horse had loosen itself and roamed free to the Black Mountains. His horse was suffering from severe skin disease and found its way to the thermal spring. It regains its shiny beautiful coat after consuming and rolling into the spring water which has helped to heal from the skin disease.

Through this observation, Marquis of Rocozel who is also the owner of the place, Avène build the first thermal spring facility for patients who are suffering different types of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, burns and more.

In 1975, Avène Hydrotherapy Center has been bought over by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the second largest private pharmaceutical company in France today. Avène’s history is really interesting and you could find out more, here.

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop - Introduction

Today, Avène Thermal Spring Water remains its beneficial and medicinal value recognized by the health professionals. As to compare with other spring water that are available in the market, Avène Thermal Spring Water has the lowest sodium chloride (salt) which indicates that the mineral content would not leave skin being dehyrated.  On a daily basis, Avène Thermal Spring Water can be use for skin irritation, redness, burn, dermalogical treatments, post-surgerical intervention, before and after makeup, after shaving and even safe to use as baby diaper rash.

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop - Types of Sensitive Skin

 Most of us could suffer from sensitive skin but there are different levels of skin sensitivity which is,

  • Sensitive – mild redness and dryness
  • Intolerant skin – itching and irritation
  • Allergic skin – skin disorder such as eczema, psoriasis

Avène has different skin care range to accommodate different skin trouble and sensitivity. However in Malaysia, their range of Cicalfate which is meant for alterated skin is not available.

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop - Products

With different skin types, Avène has introduced to us different regiment using their skin care products.

  • DRY SKIN – Milk Cleanser » ATSW » Gentle Toner » Soothing Hydrating Serum/Deep Moist Lotion » Hydrance Optimale Rich / Rich Compensating Cream (Night) » Tinted Cream SPF 50 with weekly treatment using Soothing Moisture Mask
  • NORMAL TO COMBINATION SKIN – Gentle Gel Cleanser/Skin Balance Foaming Gel » ATSW » Gentle Toner » Soothing Hydrating Serum/Deep Moist Lotion > Hydrance Optimale Light > Emulsion SPF 50
  • YOUNG OILY SKIN – Micellar Lotion » Deep Pore Cleanser » ATSW » Oil Control Milk » Cleanance Sun SPF 30 with weekly treatment using Cleanance Mask
  • YOUNG OILY SKIN (MODERATE ACNE) – Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser » Cleanace Toner » Cleanance Emulsion » Cleanance Sun SPF 30 with weekly treatment using Cleanance Mask

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop - Hands On 1

They kid not on the hand-on experience, we are not just experiencing the texture or scent of Avène skin care products. We literally had to remove our make-up and start on an Avène skin care regime according to our skin need and type.

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop - Hand-On

As for me, I do have combination skin and being acne prone. I was introduced to use these.

  1. Micellar Lotion – water based make-up remover to remove makeup. It has a mild soothing floral scent and it goes gentle on my skin. It is recommended to use separate eye make-up remover if you have waterproof make-up on.
  2. Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser – this gel cleanser consistency is incredibly thick but a little goes a long way. Once its mixed with water, it lather up smoothly without foam.
  3. Thermal Spring Water – Spray and soak the sheet mask with it and apply it as a mask. I had to spray more onto the mask directly when I have it on because it doesn’t stick well. Once removed, I could see my skin is much brighter.
  4. Cleanance Toner – I believe this was mention to have alcohol because it acts to kill the bacteria for acne-prone skin type but it doesn’t have any alcohol scent to it.
  5. Hydrance Optimale Light – Cream based moisturiser but it doesn’t feel too rich, a little goes a long way.
  6. Cleanance Sun SPF 30 – it has that mild sun block scent but bearable and it doesn’t feel too heavy.

To be honest, I did cheat a little whereby I didn’t remove my make-up around my eye area. It’s because I had wash my face earlier in the morning and I didn’t want to overwork the skin on my eye area just to keep of from the moisture being stripped and wrinkle free. Plus, I look lifeless without eye makeup.

Discovering More Than Just Water - Vanity Trove x Avene Beauty Workshop - Before & After

Here is the result of me trying out Avène skin care as mentioned above.

Before – I only had eye make-up on and the rest of the face was applied with my skin care along with sun block. My skin does look shiny and dull. I do have acne scars and redness around the nose area.

After –  I do have full on make-up here, my bad because I should have taken the result without it but I did noticed my skin is much more plumped, hydrated and less oily. In fact, the make-up goes on smoothly even without me applying primer. The oil control doesn’t last because after 3-4 hours my skin became oily again but its hard to judge from Avène’s skin care by only one use.

It was an interesting workshop that I learned so much about the thermal spring water and now, I learn how to appreciate  it even more. Look out for more updates from Avène Malaysia by liking their Facebook below and by supporting them, you’ll get to learn more about Avène just like me.

Also, thanks to Vanity Trove Malaysia for having me in this workshop. Vanity Trove Malaysia is a beauty box subscription available monthly with the subscription fee of MYR 50.00 monthly. Subscription can be made through their website, Vanity Trove Malaysia. Do give them some love by liking their Facebook below too!


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