Do You Bon Odori?

Its the 35th Bon Odori! Have you been to one?

Let’s share a wee bit information about Bon Odori.

This festival is practiced by Japanese Buddhist to honor their late ancestors. You can call it as a family reunion too as members of the family return to their ancestral family and to pay a visit and cleans the grave of their ancestors. It is believe that the spirit of their ancestors may visit the household altar. This tradition has been practiced for more than 500 years which includes cultural dance and known as Bon Odori.

The last Bon Odori I went was the 33th and time really flies, now it’s already the 35th! The crowd doesn’t seem to decrease at all. What I missed the most is their cultural dance. Something that you don’t want to miss when it comes to festival like this. It definitely bring togetherness in so many of us whether between friends or family. I had my peeps to go along with me, about 13 of us.

There were so much Japanese food and beverages around! There are by Jaya Jusco, Sakae Sushi,Sushi King, Nagomi and etc.

Here are some food that we bought.

Japanese Rice Ball with Red Bean Paste

Tasted like the ChineseĀ Gluttonous Rice Ball but much firm and gummy. Slightly sweeten but with the red bean paste, they both complement. The flavor is quite even.


I took the one with Unagi (eel). This is by Jaya Jusco and they have a puny of Unagi in the Onigiri. I could remember tasting the Unagi for maybe about 30 seconds and no longer to be seen more in the Onigiri. Not very well balance in terms of the amount and that leads the tasting just below average.

Pasta with Mushroom

One of my peep bought this and it tasted bad. Not much of flavor.

Katsu Curry Chicken

My Lover bought this and the flavor isn’t that bad. It’s on average, I have tasted far better ones. There was more potatoes than chicken.

Yaki Soba

My Lover brought this too and it tasted very bad. We suspected that they did not use soba for the noodles, instead we suspect they used some yellow noodle because of its strong flour scent.

Here is one of the famous Japanese beer available, Asahi. It’s much more bitter than Carlsberg and sold at MYR6.There was Sapporo (another Japanese beer), but it was quite pricey. It was MYR18 for a pint if I have not mistaken.

Yukata is the costume to be worn on such festival. I was looking out for one to rent but I was too late. Look how beautiful they are. Please be reminded try to wear the proper Yukata as a sign of respect to the festival. Wearing short Yukata, non Japanese cloth-made Yukata or Cosplay would meant a disrespect to the festival. Although I missed it, I just found out that my cousin sis owns an entire set. I’m so excited for the next Bon Odori.

As I said earlier, it was fun to have a bunch of friends around. We ate, had a great laugh and had fun learning the cultural dance although it was extremely warm to dance in the big crowd. Yeah, lots of sweat but when it’s fun, it doesn’t kill eh?

The weather is beautiful and same goes to the sunset. I’m already looking forward for the next Bon Odori, so I get to try wearing Yukata!

Traclyn Yeoh
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