Do You Plan B ?

Ever gone into situation that your major plan didn’t work and you have to instantly think for the second plan?

Out of ideas?

Try Plan B!

Alright this wasn’t any smart guidance of a how-to plan b but a food outlet by The Big Group named Plan B. I had lunch here with Fatin and Isabel right after attending Lancôme’s party. It’s located at

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Let’s see what we’ve ordered. Hungry Fatin has a lot…

Dish #1: Double Cheeseburger

Description: Two juicy home-made patties, with melted cheddar, fries & onion rings.

Seems quite a big portion and affordable especially it comes with a mini cup of salad and chips. Grilled patty with melting cheesing and oozing sauce under the patty.

Price: MYR 23

Dish #2: Plan B Salad

Description: Fresh mesclun leaves, chopped cucumber, onions & green olives tossed with spiced Mediterranean dressing then topped with toasted 7 seeds.

Contrasting colors in between, serves quite a big portion. I believe there was only one olive in the dish.

Price:  MYR15


Dish #3: Plan B Platter

Description: Two eggs any style, served on toast with crispy turkey bacon, golden hash brown, juicy breakfast sausages, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms & roasted tomatoes + fresh orange juice & a choice of coffee or tea.

Isabel had this, seems like a light portion but we had some food before coming here. She couldn’t finish it. I like how they have combination of any English breakfast you can find.

Price: MYR 24

Dish #4: Ben’s Egg

Description: Delicately poached eggs, a succulent slow-roasted Portobello mushroom & fresh arugula heaped on a toasted English muffin topped with Hollandaise.

I had this and I highly recommend this! Although I prefer the yolk of the poached eggs to be less cooked, the other combination was good! Arugula or better known as rocket is one of my favorite, it has that mild spicy mustard taste that blend so well when you combine with the rest.  The egg and Hollandaise sauce is creamy enough to cover the spicy taste of rocket. This dish stuffed me!

Price: MYR 16


I can’t wait to try more food again in Plan B with my friends. The dishes are priced slightly higher than ordinary ones but it’s still affordable. It’s good to try this once in a while. You may check out their menu or about them at Plan B’s website or be their fan in Plan B’s Facebook.

Now that’s the Plan B! 🙂

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. awesome! me n stellar wanted to eat here too, after lancome workshop but it was jam pack hehe

    xoxo elle

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