Does Nose Shaping Devices Work?

Beauty modification is possible especially with makeup, you can transform in anyway you want but they are just temporary. For a permanent feature, there is always plastic surgery but not everyone is ready for such procedure or afford it. There are some beauty modifications can be done without going under the knife, say for example in my case, I have successfully re-adjusted my crease line to create parallel double eyelid with just eyelid tapes. This time let’s speak about nose shaping devices.

Nose Structure

Image Courtesy of Plastic Surgery Cyprus

I have read a couple of articles before and I learned that our cartilage never stops growing. Cartilage are the soft bones on the areas of our nose, ear and behind of our knee cap. They still can be molded or shaped as we age and this is where I believe that nose shaping devices are invented but do they really work? People like me who wasn’t born with tall, small and sharp nose would definitely give this a try.

Nose Magic

Image Courtesy of Nose Magic

Nose Magic

I have seen and bought this way long ago, approximately more than 10 years ago?  It’s one of the most comfortable nose clipper among all that I have tried. It comes with adjustable sides to tighten or loosen at the sides to shape the nose but because I was younger and wasn’t as concious about my nose shape, I didn’t have the patience to wear it

Nose Up

Image Courtesy of EZ Styles

Nose Up

This is the most painful nose clip I have ever use. It comes with only one size and it’s not adjustable, therefore for nose like mine being all meaty and fat, it was quite torturing to wear it. Not only I couldn’t breathe and it presses the sides of the nose strongly that it leaves obvious dents.  I know I wouldn’t be able to wear this any more and it ended up in the bin when I clear my stash.

Beauty Nose Butterfly

Image Courtesy of Japan Trend Shop

Beauty Nose Butterfly

This is a fancy design nose with the butterfly design. It is quite comfortable to wear on although I had to use my mouth to breathe while having it on. I would say this is still comfortable and I still have this with me. I will still use it every now and then although I couldn’t see visible result (was just hoping for it).

Nose Roller Massager

Image Courtesy of Tao Bao Shopping Agent

Nose Roller

Using this is rather fun and I can use this to roll any other parts like my face or body with it. It does give that instant slimmer nose effect but after 5 minutes, my nose shape returns back to its normal state. This requires more effort because I had to keep rolling for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Hana Tsun Nose Straightener

Image Courtesy of Glamour Italy

Hana Tsun Nose Straightener

This, I believe is fairly new design, I have not used this before but it’s a rather interesting design because the inner part of the device helps to support the cartilage and the outer part helps to support on the nose shape. it seems comfortable.

Rhinoplasty Glasses

Image Courtesy of Pop Gadget

Rhinoplasty Glasses

Have you ever noticed that most glasses wearers have nicely shaped nose bridge? I think this is where the invention is  based on.  Its rather bulky and it only supports to shape from the middle part of the those bridge towards the end. I think it would be better if it begins it’s support slightly on the upper nose bridge. Also, if this can be turned into sun glasses, that would be cool!

Most of the devices are advised to be used for 2 – 3 months to see result. After I did the same for my double eyelid correction, who knows this might work too but it really depends on individual because you can’t really see how is your cartilage growing. Though I have tried a few, the only complications with these devices is that its hard to breathe and tend to become sleepy while having it on. I want to believe that these devices could possibly help because it could be an option besides plastic surgery but I’m still doubting it.


What do you think? Do you think these devices could work? Have you tried any?

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  1. Haha! Back in high school me and my friend tried the first one. The blue one. The instruction said that we can wear during sleep. I had this weird thinking of this thing can cause suicide. What if i forgot to breath with my mouth if i wore this during sleep? Hehe… Wakeup im “somewhere” else…hoho… I got no patient, i just tried my friends ones for a few hours and literely just laugh cause my nose got red…
    Sabrina Tajudin recently updated..Hishop May Suprise HaulMy Profile

    • That’s a great story to look back on. I guess we just have our doubts on such devices yea?

    • We all love ourselves but if these devices helps to enhance our facial features, why not give it a try? Just like how we use make-ups. 🙂

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