Drug Store Hauls!

I shopped a bit last week from Guardian and Watsons just last week especially they have great deals and new products to try! I’m pretty sure some of you might already know what the new product is and I’m saving it to the end of the post. This isn’t a big haul but some are just necessities and I have some products to share that I highly recommend to get. Let’s scroll down~

1. Guardian Baby Wipes, from Guardian for MYR15.88 of two large packs

Baby wipes are very handy in many ways and I use it to clean my face after removing makeup. That just make my skin feels fresh and clean. These wipes are alcohol free and comes with scented and fragrance free. One large pack is a combination of two packets of the wipes and each packet has 90 sheets, so the total from two large packs is…360 sheets, pretty good deal eh? It also contains aloe and vitamin E.

2. First Choice Disposable Toilet Seat Cover, from Guardian for MYR6.88 of two packs

This is the ONE I highly recommend for all ladies to be a “MUST HAVE” in your handbag. Its really handy when stumble into dirty toilet seats and I have been using this for a while. Each packet contains 10 sheets, it’s on promotion for now and I’m stocking up for it.

3. Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protectant Spray, from Watsons for MYR17.50 each

In my local drug stores, you can hardly find heat protectant spray. We do have them but they are only available at beauty supply store or Sephora. This is a new product launched probably last month or two. I wanted to try this so much and this is the chance for me to grab one. Watsons has better deal than Guardian for this because Guardian was selling at MYR31+, which is very expensive compared to Watsons. I’m not too sure when will Watsons remain at such affordable price but if you want it, I recommend getting it quickly.

4. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, from Guardian for MYR24.90 each

The highly raved lip butters are here and I definitely not risking to miss it. For a new product from Revlon, this is really affordable. They have only eight shades available in Malaysia and I bought four of it now which is Peach Parfait, Strawberry Shortcake, Lollipop and Brown Sugar. I’m still deciding whether I should collect the rest of the other four shades because I’m loving them already! They feel light on lips and moisturising.

I also bought another two other products which I forgot to snap photos of it which is Heal Pharm Nose Pore Cleaning Sheet (I love it so much, you can check the review here) from Watsons for MYR9.80 each and St Ives Renew and Firm Scrub from Watsons for MYR21.90. Let me know if you have tried any of the products above, whether you like it or otherwise.


Traclyn Yeoh
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