Durian Feast!

From last month, it was a great season for durians. I kept seeing updates of durian photos in Facebook and I got the hype but this is some serious eating. I never know there is such thing is durian buffet. Hey wait what? Buffet?


The crave for durian has come and my peep has introduced to have it in SS2 Damansara.  There are a couple huge stalls there and we chose this which is located at a corner. The buffet is MYR9 for weekdays and MYR15 for weekend but we are guessing they have a pricier range for high quality range durians. Look at their banner, they even have their website!

You get to see tons of durians, looking green, pokey and you’ll keep getting whiffs of  the smell of the durians. The smell is very intense for some people and in case if you are wondering how is the smell like… I would put it that it smells like creamy corn ice cream but about three to four times intenser.

You’ll get to learn more what types of durian is available in Malaysia and the information comes with description of taste and texture. I only know a few, I never know there was more. Personally, I love the ones which is very moist and soft, sweet or acrid taste and with small seed.

However, we were given ones that mostly with big seeds but that’s fine because some of the texture is very moist and soft. There were five of us and we ate 14 of it, one of my peeps was having some difficulty because  he didn’t like durian but he don’t want to be defeated by the King of Fruits. LOL!  *LOL* After the buffet, we went to Ikea for the Swedish meatballs. I could barely eat, only took one because I was stuffed!

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You can try this buffet if you are a fan, they are located at SS2 Damansara. This is a great idea to break fast for Muslims since its Ramadan now  *huge smile*.

This feast reminds me of my DIY Durian Face Mask!

Traclyn Yeoh
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    • Durian mask is amazing! You’ll be surprise how soft your skin can be.

      Of course I remember you! How can I even forget? How’s life treating you?

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