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It’s the time of the month again, some go “Oh, NO!” , some says “YAY!”. Many of us often feel uncomfortable during menstruation – PMS, cramps, bloated, mood swings. As I grow up, I discovered tips and remedies that helps me to ease the blues as I try to avoid for taking any medication. I have shared these remedies with my friends and this time I’m sharing it with you how to ease your menstrual cramps.

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Warm Bath

Some say that we shouldn’t take our bath which I think it’s quite an unhealthy step. You definitely want to keep yourself hygienic and of course, to get rid of all kinds of odor. Best of all, try to have warm bath as it helps to relief the cramps.

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Hot Bag

I remember there was once when I was having fever and menstruating during winter in Melbourne, my Lover prepared me a hot bag to keep me warm. To my surprise, the hot bag helped me to ease my cramps a lot and I could never live without hot bags ever since (not till I come back to Malaysia). Uterine contraction happens most frequently when we are menstruating hence the cramp, the hot bag helps to relax your muscles.

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Chamomile Tea

While anything warm could keep your muscles to relax, I find warm chamomile tea helps in relaxing your entire body system. Add some honey if you may, rest yourself aside and enjoy your warm tea. If you never like chamomile tea, try green tea or any of your favorite tea.  Ginger tea would help to ease bloating.

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Try to light up the candle and use your favourite essential oil. The scent from these oils helps you to calm and relax, improve your mood and rest better. Chamomile, jasmine, lavender, rose and ylang ylang are recommended. Some use these essential oil to apply on affected areas, you may look out some DIY formulation over the internet.

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While some of us believe that chocolate helps to improve our mood, so go grab some chocolates to combat the moody us. If you can’t take chocolate, try banana. It contains vitamin B6 that helps to regulate your blood glucose levels.

The DON’Ts

While above are the remedies that may help you, I wanted to share what my mum had thought me what to avoid during our menstruation. It was through her experience and many Chinese belief. It isn’t too bad to avoid all these for only a week or two. You can take it as a belief or a precaution, otherwise you don’t have to follow.

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Ice Water

Remember how I mentioned that how warm bath, hot bags and warm tea helps to relax muscles? Consuming ice cold water goes the other way, it may worsen the cramps. Some say it’s a myth but consuming something warm isn’t too bad, I reckon?

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Grass Jelly

Grass jelly are great when it comes to scorching heat weather and are mainly served as dessert or drinks. In the Chinese belief, any kind of food and drinks that is ‘cooling’ are better not to consume.  Grass jelly is one of them.

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Coconut, Watermelon, Pineapple
Since we are speaking about ‘cooling’ food and drinks, fruits like coconut, watermelon and pineapple are said to be too ‘cooling’ for your body when you are menstruating. I do believe that coconut is very ‘cooling’ as it is recommended by doctors to take coconut juice especially when you have fever. My mum once ate pineapple when her menstruation almost end but after consuming it the duration has been prolonged.

Well, these are just my two cents sharing from experience and belief. I hope this is useful and do let me know which remedy helps.

Do you have any remedy that you would like to share? If you do, please share on the comment section.

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  1. Chamomile tea is the best, i love its taste and it really helps me relax during the night time and it gives me a very sound sleep. ‘;*’*

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