Ellefar Multi Cheek Color in Orange Review

I assume it’s a Japanese makeup because I only found Ellefar Multi Cheek Color in Orange in Daiso (Japanese Livingware Supplier). I bought this when I went all the way to Daiso in Singapore. Daiso in Malaysia pretty much out of stock already. Anyone found any? There was once after my visit to Singapore and I saw it in Daiso Malaysia. It left only one which is brown, I didn’t take it because the shade was pretty dark. Many Malaysian beauty blogger raved and good reviews about this blusher, so I think its not a bad option when its only for $2.

I love love this blusher. It’s very pigmented, just pick up lightly and so much color comes with it. It has a little shimmer but that doesn’t bother me at all although I hate shining like a disco ball. It gives a very nice glow to your face. Since the shade is in orange, it gives a little of that sunkissed glow . It came with a brush but I don’t use them so I save it as disposables. It doesn’t have smell nor irritate my skin. Love this so much. It’s totally worth the $2. It’s one good blusher that no one should miss, pretty much explains why it’s always out of stock.


  • Very pigmented
  • Gives a healthy glow
  • Cheap
  • Doesn’t have smell
  • Doesn’t irritate skin


  • Out of stock often/ Limited

My rating: 4.5/5 p/s: Dear US readers, if you can’t find Daiso near you there’s online store now! Click Daiso Japan Online Store but everything is quite limited than visiting in the store and I think they taking up orders in bulks.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. ORANGE blush? Hmm…I would have to test it before I buy it. It may look good on some people but blush is very tricky. I like pink but I have to get a dark color. I’m jealous of girls that can wear that sweet, bubblegum pink color that makes they look so young.

    Daiso has a bit of everything….I may go nuts on that site! XD! Thanks for the link!


  2. thanks for giving me one of this too
    i agree that its pigmented and cheap
    have to be light handed thou
    too bad they didnt restock it in m’sia
    and thanks for the daiso online store link! 🙂

  3. @Dee – Yeah, they look really similar but because I don’t have those NYX blushers I can’t really compare them.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – It’s really something very nice. I always hold on to my pink blusher but as I explore more on makeup I think its a good thing to try on more other blusher shades. No problem on the link, I was excited to see the link too.

    @LyNn – Welcome! I know it was on your wishlist previously but it was a different shade so I thought although it was a different shade, it should be alright with you. Yeah, so sad that they never restock them at all.

  4. I freaked out when I saw the shade is orange lol but it looks more to the peach side, a little hint of coral.

    Cheap and pigmented.. no wonder it’s oos most of the time.. 😛

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