Emerald Raya Themed

Some of my friend gotten confused for me joining two different makeup contest recently. I happily announced to them that I’ve won one and many of them thought it was for the Merdeka Makeup Contest. I did not win for that one, the trend of collecting ‘Like’ in Facebook can be competitive. I have joined the latest one quickly without informing anyone but my BF and of course the organizer of the competition.

It was the eve of Hari Raya week and it’s all about the festive season. The contest is by Rimmel London Malaysia on Emerald Raya Makeup Competition in Facebook. The period of this contest was pretty short and it never cross my mind to join it. However, after being convinced by Rimmel London Malaysia and a blogger friend, Tammy, I decided to join the contest. Yet again, I have submitted my entry one day before the due date (the contest period was only for about 2 and half days!). I told my BF regarding on the competition and he was very supportive to tell me to join. So I did a quick look right after I returned home from work and dinner. When I did the quick look, I was just randomly mixing the colors.

The results was announced on the day after I have submitted my picture. The contest end at 3pm and result was announced at 4:14 pm on September 9th. They are very quick! When I saw my name in their announcement, I was shouting in my office in disbelief. Thankfully there was no one in my office silly. I should say it was a pretty lucky day. My mum won some lottery money, I was told by my boss that I could leave early from work and now I won in the competition?

Anyways, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rimmel London Malaysia again and everyone who supports. Please enjoy the tutorial!

“Selamat Hari Raya!”


Traclyn Yeoh
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