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Last weekend, I attended a private beauty training session by Empro. Thanks to Anna who actually took the initiative to invite me although I have declined her first invitation. The session includes invited bloggers only and held at their Sg. Wang outlet. I’ve gotten a little nervous as I have not attend functions like this as much as I did before I started working. I miss my life before working!

The session started at 10am on Sunday, which I believe it would be a lazy morning for many of us but I woke up by 8:30am excitedly for this. My dearie BF came to pick me up and sincerely send me to the training session although the location is just 8-10 minutes walk away from my house.

We started with ice breaking with the trainer named Camie Ho and other bloggers who attended. There are eight of us including me. Here are Camie was explaining about their main service, eye brow embroidery. Eye brow embroidery is more natural than tattooed eye brows. As time goes, eye brow embroidery fades and doesn’t turn grey/purple/blue like how tattooed brows do. I used to be their client about 3-4 years ago, before I started this blog and my brows are almost invisible. I have not go for any touch up because I grow my brows and lashes for the time being and I was away for studies, don’t have time for it. Though it’s expensive, I recommend their service as their beauticians are really friendly and nice.

I’m using Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator, in case if you’re wondering what I use to grow my brows and lashes. I highly recommend this product as well. I’ve gotten this when I was studying in Australia and it was sold for AUD7, I guess? For those who is interested, you may look around for online sellers for this product. Let’s go back to the training session.

Camie started to speak in Mandarin which it’s a little difficult for me because I could only understand partially of it. Nicole was having the same problem with me. Thanks to other bloggers like Kelly and Cia Wei to help to translate it for us. I know I’m a Chinese but I was brought up learning English only.

Camie started explaining on Empro Triangular Ebrow Pencil. She explain how to use it and what are the other functions of the pencil.

Photo Courtesy of Empro

Basically this is how the pencil looks like. It has lead is in triangular shape which provide easy two steps. It may sound crazy but it can be convenient. Using the widest part of the lead to draw from the beginning of the brows and stops at the arch. Turn the pencil where the triangular should be in vertical position to draw from the arch to the tail of the brows. It may sound confusing here but trust me, it’s pretty easy.

Next product on demonstration is the Empro Slim Cut Dual Lead Brow Auto-Pencil. I like this packaging as it looked so exclusive and shiny! The pencil creates an effect of a very well shaped brows, it doesn’t look like you draw your eye brows at all.

Photo Courtesy of Empro

This is how the pencil look like. It look awesome isn’t it? It’s a double ended pencil with very thin lead and with short stroked filling on sparse areas of your brows, your brows look extremely natural. What I like about both their eye brow is it contains ingredients that be able to stimulate hair growth when you apply their product. Cool right?

The next product is to learn how to use Empro Black Diamond Eyeliner where Camie demonstrates how to apply and fill in sparse areas between our lashes. She also showed us how to apply a perfect line by resting hand on the table. I had this trouble before this but ever since I learned about makeup so much since last year, I manage to get my perfect line. My tips? Try to learn by resting your pinkie on your cheeks so that you can always line your eyes easily.

Photo Courtesy of Empro

This is how the eye liner look like. Basically its a pen-like eyeliner and the tip of the line is very fine and soft. No worries into poking into your eyes unless you do it on purpose.The fine tip makes application really precise.

The next demonstration is on their Day and Night mascara. This mascara helps to lengthen and volumize lashes. I love mascaras but I didn’t get to try this. I did tried to help Sharon to apply for her and I find the mascara slightly clumps on her lashes and didn’t give enough volume.

Photo Courtesy of Empro

It’s a double ended mascara. For day time it promises to give length and curl and for night it promises to give volume and curl. If you wish to apply both, Camie recommended to use the lengthening first then volumizing.

Camie also explain to us other services that they provide. I find that they improve on their eye brow embroidery services from the day I’ve gotten my brows embroidered by them. The embroidery is looking more natural now. She introduce to us the Blackwawa Intensive Treatment, where it helps on laser removal, firming and skin enhancement, pore minimizing, blackhead and whitening removal, whitening, regulating sebum production, prevents pimples, lighten scars, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. It sounds really great but the girls and I gasped upon hearing how much one treatment cost. Recommended to go for 8-10 treatments and one treatment cost for RM800.00. It’s really pricey, eh?

The session end with photo takings and browsing into their store products. Initially, I saw their fake lashes selling quite reasonably priced at Watsons but I didn’t know it came from Empro because the packaging is fancy, almost like it came from Japan. The training session estimated to finish within one hour but we enjoyed it so much that the training last for three hours.

I really enjoy the session especially getting to know new people and I hope there is more to come. Please visit Empro’s website for more information.

Empro Face Art Specialist

These are the new people I’ve known. From left to right, me, Kelly Chin, Wendy Pua, Anna YJia, Camie, Sharon and Cia Wei.

There are two bloggers who had to leave early that is not in the picture is Nicole and Yet Ling.

Their blogs are nice to read, be sure to check it out and please be nice to them! Special thanks to Anna for the invitation, Camie and Empro for giving me an opportunity to attend and learn in such session.


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  1. Hope you had fun in this little training session ^^

    It’s really nice to meet you and hope that we’ll meet again soon ! hehe…

  2. hi, just visited your website some times,

    really nice posts, hope i can study english well and speak it clearly,

    i also hope i can travel in malaysia one day at a time.

  3. @AnnaYJia – I do enjoy it! Thanks to you a lot, don’t worry we’ll definitely meet again.

    @helenwu8156 – Don’t worry, everybody always has something to learn no matter what they are. Thanks for visiting my site and hope to see you around more often.

    @Dee – Neh, I’m just 5’5 and I was wearing wedges about 2½ – 3 inches only.  I know, those two products are really interesting isn’t it? I’m interested on it too!

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