Ever Purchased Dirt Cheap Mask?

I love going to night markets for the variety of food, clothings and etc. At one point, I just found real bargain face sheet masks.  There are a few brands from the stall and most of them were Beauty Diary. Guess how much were they? It’s only for RM1 per piece, shocking O_o. I couldn’t hesitate it and chose 10 pieces of it because I was really in need of sheet masks. During the purchase I asked the seller how did they manage to sell so cheap when in our local drugstore is quite expensive. She explained to me regarding on licensing which they do not have that is why is far more cheaper.

Despite of being cheap, many said they are most probably fake. I’m not too sure myself about this. I’ve looked around for blogs that would have identified this but the spot-ons are just unclear. I even heard comments from my colleague that her friend bought the same mask from night market and two from our different local drugstore, all turned out differently in terms of the smell, sheet texture and results.

One of the spot-on are the incomplete circle  on the key but when I look at all of the mask that I purchased, they all looked the same. It doesn’t look distorted or any kind like so. Maybe I should really compare them with the ones from drugstore.

However, there’s one element that I noticed in some of the mask that I’ve purchased. Some of the back of the sachet of the mask has both English and Chinese language print on instructions, ingredients and where is it from. Some of them just came in Chinese language and where the English prints are suppose to be were left blank. This made the mask seems dodgy!

It left me not using any of it for a month or two but to think about it why not just give it a try. I can’t be giving this to any of my friend after knowing that they might not be original. If it doesn’t get my skin into trouble, I guess its pretty alright to use it?  Hopefully there’s no harm in using it.

Have you tried any of this?


Traclyn Yeoh
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