Eye Liners…How Many Types Are They?

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Eyeliners helps to redefine and accentuate the shape of your eyes. It also helps to create different effects for different looks such as cat eyes, sultry sexy eyes, flirty and etc. It comes in different textures such as matte, glitters and metallic. It is also recommended to select ones that is dermatologist and/or ophthalmologist tested which means, it is safe for your skin and eyes. Always test your eye liners before purchasing, for its easy lining, shade, waterproof formula and/or long lasting effect. Let’s see what are the types of eye liners around.

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One of the most common eyeliner you can find in most brands. It may come on wooden or retractable and much interesting features that may come along with it is built-in smudger or eraser. Its easy to control your lining and can be applied on your waterline. You can find a variety of shades with this type of eyeliner. It is easy to carry around especially when you are travelling. The trouble with this liner is the hassle to sharpen it (unless it is retractable), some maybe too stiff to line and some cap tend to fall off easily (big mess if you leave it in your handbag).

 Current favourite: Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, Sasatinnie Natural Conditioning Kohl Pencil, Avon Ultra Luxury Eyeliner

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This is the second most common eyeliner you can find and it can come in tube or pen form. It takes a lot of practice to use liquid eyeliner as your hand needs to be steady and you want to start with short strokes of lines. This is also can be applied on waterline, just make sure that the texture isn’t too runny and this is very useful to fill the gaps in between your lashes. It gives a very neat, structured and defined lines. Shades for liquid eyeliners has more on the darker shades even though it comes with variety of colors. Once you get the hang of how to apply, it is very easy to use and apply. Of course this is easy to carry around. It can be messy for beginners, practice makes it perfect!

Current favourite: Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner, Kate Super Sharp Liner

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Eye Shadow/Powder 

Many might not aware that with the current eye shadows you have, you can make them into eyeliners! It’s budget savvy and it works very well. It also can be in loose where you can normally find them in mineral makeup. Using this type of eyeliner, you will need to invest  on sturdy angled or eyeliner brush to apply them. Its easy to apply just like the pencil type. Some claim that it cannot be applied on waterline but I think it does a good job on waterline unless you have sensitive eyes. It does a great job in filling the gaps between lashes too. This will give you a softer and natural line, almost unnoticeable at times depending how much you applied. In terms of shades, this will have a wide variety that you can select from. This is not so travel friendly as you need to bring a brush.

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This type of eyeliner has been a great hype since 3 years ago (I think?). It normally comes in small jar and recently I have seen that it comes in pencil form. You will also have to invest on a brush to use this. Its gives a very neat and structured effect but if you apply them in minimal amount, it can look natural. Most of these liners are pigmented, long lasting and easy to apply. With the long lasting formula, its works great on waterline too. However, on the downside for using such liner is the hassle to clean the brush after each use and my advice is to bring along great makeup remover to have it an instant cleansing. In additional to investing great makeup remover, this can be tough to remove. Some gel/cream liners tend to dry easily too, it hardens overtime.


  • Rest your pinkie on your cheeks for steadier application
  • Invest on good makeup remover for easier removal to avoid tugging. Excessive tugging with cause premature aging. Your makeup remover should melt your makeup effortlessly.
  • Try not to over-stretch your skin outwards on the outer corner of your eyes. This will also cause premature aging.


Which is your type of eyeliner and why? Share with me in the comment section below.


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    • They are right? I love all of them but I usually go with liquid more, they are fast and easy!

  1. *high-five* I love Kate’s Liquid Eyeliner too – super long lasting! Lately, I’m lemming towards gel liners from Physicians Formula – well.. awesome products for their pigmentation and best of all, yes lasting!
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    • Awesome *high five*. I love how Kate liner’s tips are soft, flexible and fine. They are just perfect to flick to create winged lining.

      • You can consider trying Empro. The other day, I meant to get Candy Doll Liquid Eyeliner but before I could do that, Empro’s eyeliner got hold of me. So, yeah, I got it and no regrets getting it. Candy Doll – next time! Hehe.
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