Eyelash Extension, Is It Safe?

Recently my friend gave me a call and asked me about eyelash extension. I thought it would be great to share it here. There are a few things to consider before you decided you should get one. I’m no expert but I had an interest on doing it and made by research but ended not doing it after-all. Let’s see what it is.


What is eye lash extension?

Its a semi-permanent lashes that gives instantaneous long and voluminous lashes by adding more lashes in between existing lashes. The lashes used are usually human hair, more natural to blend together with the existing lashes.

Which brand to go?

I wouldn’t want to stress on which particular brand you should go because I haven’t try any. I would recommend to go for big brands for their recognition and quality because you will be receiving such treatment so close to your eyes. You want some safety measure to come along with it. Do some research online for reviews or ask around from friends and colleagues if they heard any good ones.

Seek for consultation

If you have sensitive skin or allergy, seek for a test patch from the artist before undergoing this. The reason is because they use a specialize glue for eyelash extensions and this is to identify your sensitivity towards the glue. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask the artist because they will understand your curiosity and to assure you for all that matter, they will explain it to you.

After treatment…

Voila if you have your new lashes on! On the day you have your extensions on, you will need to refrain yourself from rubbing your eye area. I always advice people not to do so all the time for ageing reasons but now there is two. If you rub your eyes, chances of you removing your brand new lashes are very high. Some would recommend you getting after care products if you would like it to lash longer and keeping it looking fresh.

How long does it last?

It usually last for 3-4 months depending on the quality of the glue and your activities. Do bare in mind when it started to fall off, its not a pretty sight. Some lashes can still be hanging in between your natural lashes and you don’t want to pull it out on your own because you may risk pulling your natural lashes. Do visit your artist again to do touch ups or removal if you really don’t need them anymore.


Hope this information help some of you who is considering lash extentions. Have you tried? Share with us your experience!


Traclyn Yeoh
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