Featured: Behind the Scenes of Lancôme Rouge In Love Lipstick Tutorial

Lancôme have just recently launched their latest lipstick range, Lancôme Rouge In Love. When I came across this news a month ago to work with Lancôme for a video shoot, I was overwhelmed. The video shoot was held on my birthday (7th April) in the early morning but we were all excited for the filming although we didn’t catch enough sleep. It was quite difficult to keep our lips tight about the shoot until now. Catch the tutorial below!



Image Courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia

It was as early as 9:30am where we all gathered at Lancôme’s counter to get prepared for filming. Usually, I create tutorial but this time, I’m featured in Lancôme’s tutorial.

All of us where assigned with different moments for Rouge In Love. Jean for Jolin Matins, me for Boudoir Time and Fatin for Tonight Is My Night. Here’s my look for the video shoot, I fake the beret-like with a snow cap, pair it with fish tail braid and chic outfit.

While Fatin is getting her makeup done, here’s me and Jean. Don’t she look sweet like a Japanese? I freaking love her skin!

Here’s us, trying to get some photos before we start filming.

Image Courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia

First scene is where Zamri introduces the lipstick along with what he used on our lips.

Image Courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia

Second scene is where we walked together like runway models! It was hilarious because we were laughing at some silly things and also the part of where we applied more lipstick in front of the mirror.

Image Courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia

This is the last scene we were told to have some tarts, kind of to embrace our lips flaunting Rouge In Love. The tart was lovely!

Image Courtesy of Lancôme Malaysia

This is our best photo together for the shoot. From left to right is me, Fatin and Jean, don’t they look gorgeous? It was a great opportunity and experience to work with Lancôme. Do check out on my previous post of Rouge in Love Bloggers Party and for swatches available in Malaysia, check Rouge In Love swatches. Don’t forget to click Like on Lancôme’s Facebook below to be notified the latest update.


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