February 2013 Hits & Misses

Spending the days in February is wonderful with CNY holiday where I enjoyed travelling and eating out. Kid you not, I love my food and you can check them in my Instagram! I update it almost everyday. Not only that, the opportunity to meet interesting people that I should learn more from them and discovering new foods! How was your February?

For last month’s hits and misses, its almost an even number of beauty and non-beauty product. Some are old traditional skincare that I have only discovered the benefit and of course, there are some new products.

The Body Shop Lily Cole Radiant Blusher

The Body Shop Puff On Radiance

Since I have combination skin, its hard for me to love shimmery highlighters. The Body Shop Puff On Radiance comes in a very cute packaging. The shape does reminds me of a Pokemon ball, comes with a fluffy puff and the highlighters in tiny cute balls. I know that could sound so wrong but it literally does look like it. The shimmer is not too shiny, I have never like highlighters this much before. It goes give the glow but its not overpowering, looking like a disco ball.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Vaseline has been one of my favourite body lotion and I love them even more since they came out with UV Lightening body lotion which does help to lighten my skin tone. In the mid last year, they are producing even more under the range of healthy white and I was eager to try this but all disappointed. I can understand since this has SPF, it does smells like any typical sunblock but it doesn’t really help in lightening my skin tone and provide moisture. The texture is very thick, doesn’t blend well on the skin and the white cast transfers to my darker clothings. Worse that I have notice one spot of my office desk where I place my arm most of the time gotten white. I have never experience such with other body lotion.

Artline Metallic Gold

Artline Marker

Inspired by how nail enthusiast uses Sharpie markers to create easy nail designs without nail polish, I have used Artline marker to create simple nail designs like Gold Glitter & Studs and Midnight Affair Studded. It makes everything so easy without dotting tool. The cons of using this is that its quite difficult to remove it with nail polish remover. I needed to scrape a bit to remove it. I might consider looking out for more of these markers.

Cooling Powder - Bedak Sejuk

Cooling Powder

This is one of the traditional method of taking care oily and acne prone skin. Even my late grandma uses this method and I remember my dad always remind me to use this but I was really lazy back then until recently I have decided to give this  for another go. This is one of my wise move and I freaking love this. This cooling powder is made out of rice which is great in absorbing oil and calms down acne. I use this religiously every night on the last step of my skin care routine. If you’re wondering how to use this, just take a few pebbles of these ( I use 4 pebbles) and mix it with water ( I use saline solution). It will soften, crush it with your fingers and mix it with the water then apply. My skin has calm down so much from acne and blackheads are so much more reduced. The cons for this is that it does leave my pillow powdery.

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer

L’oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer

One of my favourite eyeliner last month till now for its comparable with Lancome Artliner which I did and the review is here. I tend to grab on liquid liners instead of pencil but also it depends on occasion.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Thumb Drive

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Thumb Drive

This is the cutest gadget I received so far and its so beauty related. I received this in attending the launch of Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick. Its a 2gig thumb drive and I have yet to use it. I’m planning to puncture a tiny hole at the bottom and add a jumper ring into it for easier to loop with my other thumb drives.

Revlon Nail Polish Midnight Affair

Revlon Nail Polish in Midnight Affair

I have also received this complimentary from the launch and I was so eager to try it that I have created Midnight Affair Studded which I think its a very clean and simple design that gives a strong statement. I have never tried Revlon nail polishes before, I think I like it because its easy to apply and dries up much more faster.

Which of these catches your eye?


Traclyn Yeoh
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    • Thanks for the tips! I reckon I need a larger and super soft type because I tend to rub my face all over my pillow. 😀

    • I think you could find them at night market or any mini grocer shops. I purchased mine long time ago from Penang.

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