First Ames Room in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square!

Pronounced as ‘aim’, Ames room was introduced in 1935 by renowned German physician and physicist, Hermann Helmholtz. An optical illusion to trick your eyes where of what it seems an ordinary cubic-shaped room designed to make one to look larger than the other. Typically, one would look like a giant and another is a dwarf!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room

This season, Berjaya Times Square brings you the first ever Ames Room in Malaysia and recently certified by the Malaysian Book of Records. The room was build at the Ground Floor Central and you could spot this attraction just as you enter by the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3D Art

3D art to match the surrounding of the Ames Room making it more lively than just an illusion room and this attraction corresponds with the country’s annual Malaysia Grand Prix Sale.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Close Up

A closer look of Ames room, this will be available from 15 March till 30 April 2014 for all shoppers of Berjaya Times Square. Of course, terms and conditions applied to redeem your shot at Ames Room.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Brochure

With the minimum purchase of MYR80 in a single receipt of the same day, shoppers of Berjaya Times Square will be able to redeem their chance to photograph in Ames Room. Just show your receipt by the Information Counter and you will be given the photo holder. Proceed to Ames Room and have fun! Minimum of 2 person and maximum of 6 person for the photo opportunity.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photographer

Each redemption gets two shots and friendly staff members of Berjaya Times Square will assist you from the beginning till the end. You’ll able to catch an eye of the photographer by the outside of the Ames Room, he/she will also be assisting you where to stand and how to pose. Ames Room opens daily from 12PM till 30 April 2014.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 4

Here’s my shot with my BF! And thanks to him to entertain my silliness in the photo and for once, I look bigger than him! This is from my personal camera as I was invited to share my complimentary with my readers.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3

Another one of me, looking so tiny! I always wish that I’m petite and now I could imagine how I look like one. This is also from my personal camera.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 2


This is the official shot and I love how did this photo turned out. Yes, I’m laughing at my BF for being tiny!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 1

Second official shot and oh yes, it was a payback time from the BF as I’m so much smaller! It was really fun to see these photos.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Redemption Period

Shoppers be able to redeem 2 of the photos immediately to attach on photo holder given earlier as a souvenir. Redemption of the photos are totally FREE and no charges applied.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photo Redemption

This is how the photo collection booth looked, just by the side of the Ames Room. Shoppers are advised to queue patiently as the response for Ames Room can be overwhelming. Attach your photos onto the photo holder and voila, bring it back home with you. Do keep them because there is something exciting towards the end of this post.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Instagram
Berjaya Times Square also awards shoppers who uploads a photo of ‘ The First Ames Room in Malaysia’ in Instagram or Facebook with hashtags of #berjayatimessquarekl #thefirstamesroom #amesroomkl #icecreamevents .You’ll be rewarded with limited edition key chain, terms and conditions apply.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Facebook Pose & Win

The photos taken are not only as a souvenier but you’ll be able to use your shots to join their Pose & Win Facebook Contest. Photos taken in Ames Room will be uploaded in Berjaya Times Square Facebook and you’ll be able to download for personal use or to participate the contest. With a few simple steps of uploading your photo, adding caption and personal details, providing the serial number from the photo holder (the reason to keep it!) and submit to stand a chance to win the prizes above! Submit your photo here.

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