First Beauty Drink & Scouting For More!

‘Get all the skin-beautifying ingredients in one bottle of Lennox FirmUp, which is a natural and potent beauty essence and rich in synergistic food based ingredients like Aquenous Marine Collagen, Coenzynme Q10, OPC (Grape Seed Extract) and Vitamins for firmer and more radiant looking skin.

The Aqueous Marine Collagen used in FirmUp is 100% water soluble with low molecule weight and excelent digestibility. Unlike conventional Collagen which has high molecule structure that will not dissolve easily completely and not well-absorbed by the body. ‘ – Lennox

Other than skin care products, beauty drinks helps in boosting up your skin cells and these drinks are very popular in Japan whether they are in bottles like this or powder. In a long term of consuming these beauty drink, it helps to keep skin youthfulness as well as hair and nails. This is the upgraded version Lennox FirmUp where it comes with a sachet of antioxidant/whitening essence. The old one doesn’t come with any sachet.

With the sachet, it comes with direction on how you should prepare your drink, supplement facts and precaution. This would be my official first beauty drink from a bottle, although I have been drinking wheat grass that helps for my acne skin and that is for my overall health too. I have once tried Nn Derma Beauty but I lost interest half way because I wasn’t so hardworking back then when my skin is clear.

Included on the bottle are the supplement fact per serving, this way we get to know what we are consuming. I wouldn’t consider this as a review because I only had one bottle and it has to be consumed continuously. I wanted to try how it tasted like. The smell reminds me of Vitagen Grape and it does tasted like grape juice with powdered vitamin c since I have mixed the sachet in. Its not too sweet and it does carry light sourness just like grape juice. I kept it under the room temperature and wished that I could have stored it in the fridge, I bet it taste better when its chilled. I once sampled on Mireica and never going to want to try it again because the smells just puts me off. Its way too fishy!

I purchase this last week as Purchase with Purchase above MYR50 at Guardian for only MYR1. I thought of grabbing 10 bottles but the cashier did mention that I could only take 1 in quantity. Now I’m scouting for more  beauty drinks as I’m not any younger and I found out that the pharmacy in Lucky Garden, Bangsar called AA Pharmacy  has better deals than Guardian or Watsons. I’m a fan of the mutton soup right outside of that pharmacy!

Do you consume any beauty drink?


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. good sharing. gonna check it out too. how much is it priced regularly and what’s the recommended dosage?

    the mutton soup outside AA…yes that epic soup. now you have me craving for that soup!
    missyblurkit recently updated..McCaféMy Profile

    • They are priced MYR100+ and recommended to take once a day. I know right? The soup is amazing though its a wee bit expensive but its nice to have that soup once in a while.

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