My Fractional CO2 Laser First Experience, I Want To Improve My Nasty Depressed Scars

There are a few variation of depressed scars, basically they are sunken scars on your skin and I have them over the years (precisely more than 10 years) on my nose and some around my face. These scars are formed especially to those who had suffered acne and the skin collagen was insufficient to heal and repair at the same pace. I was introduced to Mediviron UOA Clinic to help me  on this last Saturday.

My Fractional CO2 Laser First Experience, I Want To Improve My Nasty Depressed Scars - Consultation with Dr Lasheela

I had my consultation with Dr Lashela showing my interest to improve my depressed scars. If you haven’t know about Dr Lashela, she has more than 7 years experience in aesthetics practice and I have also mentioned about her in How To Build Face Volume Naturally and Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away! Dr Lashela advised that I could undergo their Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment which helps to resurface the skin to improve scars (acne & surgical), enlarged pore size, skin tone & texture, wrinkles, age spots & sun damaged, skin tag and mole removal. She had also shown examples on before and after photos of her patients who had undergone this treatment, I saw their improvements and decided to take up this treatment.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Numbing Cream

Before starting on the treatment, I was seated in their VIP room and have my face covered with numbing cream. The numbing takes 30 minutes to kick in and I was entertained to watch Life of Pi while waiting. I have watched it before and it was an interesting movie, time really flies without me knowing and it was time for me to get the treatment done.

My Fractional CO2 Laser First Experience, I Want To Improve My Nasty Depressed Scars - Mixel Fractional Laser

The machine that they using which is known as Mixel Dual Focusing CO2 Fractional Laser System. A machine with hand piece to deliver the laser beam and settings can be fixed over the screen.

Mixel Dual Focusing CO2 Fractional Laser System

Image Courtesy of Medical Expo

I manage to find further information about how this machine works and it’s function. Please feel free to click on the image for larger viewing.

Aside from that, I found a video that shows how the laser is delivered onto the skin. With this machine, the size of the beam can be selected, precise pulse-system which is less painful, lower downtime and faster recovery for the skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser  - Treatment

Before the treatment, the numbing cream was removed and this is the time where I can’t feel my face. The weird feeling when I press my lips together feels as though my lips are cramping. I can feel the laser beam hits onto my face gently just like how it is shown in the video but it wasn’t painful. Mainly because I had numbing cream earlier but when it comes to sensitive areas such as the side of my nose, cheek area (close to the eye) and temples, I could feel the pain for a bit. When the laser starts hitting on my face, I could instantly smell the burn but it wasn’t too strong. I would say my pain endurance is above the average because I was asked by Dr Lashela and her assistant numerous times if it was painful because I was expressionless during the treatment, as though I was sleeping. It doesn’t take too long to complete the treatment, approximately 20 minutes then I was all done. After the treatment, hyaluronic acid serum and sun block was applied onto my face.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Before, Right After, After  3 Hours

Here’s a show of my progress on the same day.

  • Before – My skin is dull with depressed scars on nose and a few around my face as well as enlarged pores on the cheek.
  • Right After – Just after the treatment, my skin is slightly red and swolen. I still couldn’t feel my face at this time but I can feel little bump on my skin when I touch it.
  • After 3 hours – The numbing effect is gone. My skin got redder, I felt the heat and pain gradually but it was still bearable.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Before, Right After, After  3 Hours Close Up

Here’s a close up on the side of my face. After undergoing this treatment, it is very common that patient’s skin will be very dry. I was advised to use moisturising skin care but not any whitening products as it will darken the skin instead and also prevent myself from doing any activities where I’m surrounded with heat such as working out, gym, swimming, sauna and steam. What I did do is carrying with me a thermal spring water spray and I sprayed onto my face every time when I felt my skin is too dry. It helps to relief the dryness and sooth my skin.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Downtime

This was taken on the same day of the treatment at night with my Samsung Note 2. If you look closely, you could see those grid-like patterns on my face. That explains the little bumps that I felt earlier.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Instagram Downtime

This was shared in my Instagram on Monday where the grid-like patterns are more prominent. With this I felt like I’m like a pop art comic where their face is dotted all over. This dots becomes scabs over the time and it falls off bit by bits. My face has not fully recovered yet because most of the scabs are still on the outer of my face. I will undergo another 2 more treatments and will definitely share with you my journey on it, please stay tuned. If you’re interested on the pricing of the treatment, you can always check them out, here!

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