Happy Good Friday!

Hey, everyone it’s good Friday! I like to take this opportunity to announce the winners for my Shiseido Mini Contest. Before that let me provide you the answer to the contest…In Shiseido White Lucent Mini Contest, the question was…
Find out the skin suitability for each Shiseido White Lucent items Giveaways
The answer is:
Brightening Cleansing Gel: Normal, Dry, Oily and Oily with Dry Surface/ Suitable for all skin types
Brightening Refining Softener Light N: Normal, Oily, Oily with Dry Surface/ Normal to Oily Skin Types
Brightening Moisturizing Gel N: Normal, Oily, Oily with Dry Surface/ Normal to Oily Skin Types

In Shiseido Pureness Mini Contest, the question was…
Find out the ingredient that stimulates the skin’s moisturizing capacities? Where is it from?
The answer is:
Palo Azul from Mexico
Traclyn has won a cell phone from contest. What contest and cell phone model has been won?
The answer is:
You Style It: Pop Art and LG Secret Black Label Series

The winner goes to….*drum rolls*

Congratulations to all winners! You will receive an email from me shortly on how you will be receiving your prize. For the rest, don’t fret. I do hope I could come out with more contest in the future. Thanks for your participation!

p/s: Only one person to be selected as winner. Just to be fair, no same person to win both contest. Please allow the rest to have the chance okay?

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @voguefemme – we don’t celebrate it either. i worded it wrong. i only meant that it was celebrated internationally because the stock markets are closed on good friday and i wasn’t sure if it was just the USA or the entire world. :]

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