Would You Buy Make-Ups from Magazine?

I have just started collecting make-ups just recently and the collection is getting bigger and bigger. For being a bargain shopper, I have shift myself to look at magazine that comes with make-ups. I love fashion and make-up, this may give me something that satisfy both. I found myself landing my hands on Shout teenage magazine, I know I have past my teenage years but hey who say I can’t buy them? In fact, I think they aren’t too bad.

This is High5 Complete Eye Kit that comes with the Shout magazine. I think the box look pretty cool and great colors.

This are the swatches for the eye kit. First picture is without flash and second picture is with flash.

  • 1= Green
  • 2=Purple
  • 3=Silver
  • 4=Blue
  • 5=Gold

I love the green, purple and blue as the colors stands out pretty well. As for gold, it looks almost similar like silver. Anyways, they are quite pigmented and I’m starting to love them and I get to enjoy the magazine as well. Share me your stories on your similar purchase like mine, what makes you buy it and did you enjoy it?

Anyways, Malaysian readers you may get them at your nearest bookstore or newsagent. It’s for RM10.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. If the price isnt too high, I’d try everything once. The colors on your palette look cute! Slightly shimmer but not the disco ball reflective type I use on halloween. I get about 90% of my make up in drugstores. The other 10% is split between online dealers like Sephora or Amazon.com & stores like Victoria Secret or MAC. I dont buy make up alot but when I do I usually get what I need or try something new. Which reminds me, when I get home later, I wanna try that free sample eyeshadow I got from Mary Kay!

    Can I get that magazine & the others you read in the states? Usually some bookstores carry international mags. Or maybe there’s a website I can read articles from? Let me know, ok? Thanks!


    P.S: Any luck job hunting? I’m on the prowl too!

  2. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Oh that’s so nice that you’ve gotten free samples from RMK! How lucky! Well I think you may still get it in the States. For this Shout Magazine it’s from UK. I have read Female and CLEO, which accomodates back to Malaysia’s taste buds and cravings. I’m pretty sure you can get those in the US versions. I used to read Girlfriend Magazine from Australia, which their website is Girlfriend.com.au.

    I’m still looking for jobs by the way 🙂

  3. Actually rm10 for that magazine is not bat at all! It’s a imported one right?

    I have this obsession to buy magazines all the time. I’ll get my monthly does of Seventeen, Cleo, Women’s Weekly, Female magazine, Hot, Hello (and another one.. i can’t remember name suddenly! argh). For international magazines, I love the freebies that come with it, be it make up, accessories or bags!

    My latest craving is imported japanese beauty magazines from Kinokuniya where they don’t “leave out the freebies” as u notice some Australian/US mags imported here at our local newstand don’t come with freebies (probably due to shippin or got stolen by the distributors here). Steady is one of my favourite jap magazine after I bought Jan’s copy that come with a stila pouch n stickers!! AWW CARAMBAAAA!!!~~~~!!!! this latest issue i check out yesterday come with sanrio’s twin star pouch. I didn’t buy bcoz i dun like twin star. Jap mags are pricey frm rm20 something – rm50. But they come with cute bags, accessories like Jill Stuart’s carry bags/tote.. P&J keychain charms..  i dun understand or read japanese, just buying bcoz of the freebies! dieloh..

    I do wish our local magazines comes with freebies like cosmetics (actual size or smaller a bit, not samples!) just like Shout the one u bought and accessories or bag like imported mags.

    I know seventeen like…. once a year or more, gives out cute totes or notepads for its reader.

  4. @milamiu – Yeah
    the Shout Magazine is from UK and yeah not too bad I find it. Haha, in
    a way I find that our local magazine see,a little stingy. They should
    look out for sponsors to come out with giveaways in the magazine
    itself. Looks like the international ones are much more generous. You
    see it’s so hard to see them to give make-ups as freebies. Such a sad

    For me the best Aussie magazine is Girlfriend. I started
    purchasing it when I was in Melbourne and kept buying as my poison as
    slowly their freebies kept coming like every three months. Haha, I’m
    afraid to fall on like I buy magazines because of their freebies but
    I’ll buy them if I can afford them and the freebies are interesting.

  5. hey! my name is sandy.

    stumbled upon your page from mina’s. hope you don’t mind. anyway.. i never knew there was magazines that had makeup in it. how cool. i’m a makeup artist and is always up for any bargains on cosmetics. love love makeup. btw, cute page!

  6. Trace! hey guess what! I’m in love with Girlfriend magazine too! I had been buying pass issues in LICT when I was a student then when I further my degree in Melbourne I could get my hands on latest issues! oh it’s so nice… i remember i had one issue that features THONGS and they actually show Aussie chicks wearing thongs and have their cute behinds snap for the readers to see. U can see different thongs and how they look so cute when worn.

    Last month I went to Perth, I bought Girlfriend and Dolly! both mag gave freebie!!! Dolly gave a MP3 speaker! (Can u believe it? MP3 speakers?! in PINK!!!!) and GF featured Gossip Girl so they attached a GG DVD showing clips, bonus previews!

    I do agree with u! i wish our local mags gets more sponsors like international mags do! Bump up the competition I say!

  7. @sandyvu – Hi Sandy. How lovely of you to drop by. I don’t mind you stopping, in fact I’m happy and wish to see you around more often.

    Yeah, it’s really cool that magazine comes with make-ups which I think all magazines should do it more often. Thanks so much for the compliments on my page. Hope to see you around more often!

    @milamiu – Miu, I’ve gotten my hands on GF magazine ever since I got it for free from a fashion event.  Love it ever since. Dolly is not too bad too but I didn’t want to spend so much on magazines there since I was just a student there. I even brought it back to Malaysia, crazy right? Yeah, you see they are so generous! Malaysia’s magazines are so stingy instead of giving just tiny bits of stuffs. BAH!!!

    You should post up magazines that comes with freebies, maybe I might give it a try

  8. I also found tis mag recently. I juz love tis mag! The free gift,the gossips,the true stories and more!
    I only bought 5 issues. The first free gift is macara,the second is lip gloss,the third is eyeliner and today i bought was a lip gloss+lip colour.
    Juz love tis mag but i think we cant subscribe it to malaysia right.
    Cos i knew tat malaysia will have it late 1 month. Like the one tat i bought today was out on may. But i only get tis on july. OMG.

  9. @selina – It’s a good package with freebies all the time. But lately I’ll only buy them whenever I see them. I only gotten this issue, eyeliner with mascara and colored mascaras only. I think you can subscribe to it directly from shout and just that Malaysia take in the mags slowly.

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