Bargain Eyeshadow Palette

Who say cheap make-ups aren’t reliable. This post is to break the stereotype of cheap make-ups are bad. Sorry but not all of them! Let me show you one of my latest eyeshadow palette, Qianyu Spring Love Eyeshadow for only RM5.

The palette doesn’t have any exact name, so I named them myself. I got the idea of naming them because of the love patterns on the top left corner of the palette lid. Don’t they look pretty? Left palette consist of white, beige, pink and purple eyeshadow. The right palette consist of white and three different shades of green. I found that Qianyu Spring Love Palette’s design similar with Kate’s eyeshadow palette.

Don’t they look similar? Almost exactly!

These are the swatches I’ve prepared. The left picture is without flash and right picture is with flash. They look quite pigmented and shimmery but I love them so much.

For those who are interested to get them, you may purchase them from Hinode for only RM5. They are good bargain, I mean SERIOUSLY!

p/s My surprise will make Malaysian readers happy!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. haha i tried leaving a comment this morning.
    but cannot la they keep saying i type the wrong “code”
    yeah qianyu is really pigmented
    i have to palettes myself.
    this time the packaging better a. but 4 colours only.
    last time got once they came out with 12 colours so worth it.
    but then hor some qianyu too shimmery.
    like i use frosted blue.
    my friends say its shimmer white.

  2. @Vonnie -yeah a serious good bargain. It’s powder form with shimmers

    @LyNn – Haha, poor you for getting those errors. I have like 3 of their palettes now.
    Yeah their colors reduced now. I try to find those palettes like what Connie gotten last time but no more there. So sad. If qianyu is too shimmery right, you can try Sera cosmetics. More color concentrated although it shimmers as well.

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