Elyn, the Generous Angel

This afternoon at around 1 p.m plus, I received a package from Penang.

The package is from a beauty blogger, Elyn from Penang. She reused an envelope from her purchase of Eyeko, I love it because no wastage involved. I was so excited because I was told to be getting something from her but I didn’t know what is it. It was suppose to be a mystery gift.

I opened up the package and there’s a letter. A dearest letter from Elyn. She was apologizing the delay of this package, there’s no need to apologize. Elyn, you’ve made my day!

The gift was further in the package. It was in a box but the box is damaged. This is most probably due to the shipping. I blame Poslaju’s service.

Thank goodness the item inside are not damaged at all. It’s still good and the mystery gift is….Konad Stamping Nail Art!!!

It’s from Etude House. There’s a rubber stamp, scrapper and two image plates.

Thank you Elyn, for being so generous. Now, I can change the status of item in my wishlist and add the Konad Stamping Nail Art to my collection.

Elyn is such a wonderful person. I get to know her from Lynn, and I barely knew her when she planned to ship this to me. She also granted one of Lynn‘s wishlist items in Gifts from Pearl of The Orient. She is very friendly and writes a blog, SERENDIPITY, do visit her blog because she post amazing beauty entries there. She’s the genie in the bottle and Santa Rina to me now! Elyn, now that I have your address, I’ll be sending some small gifts for you in the future.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. owh my!
    elyn is really an angel isnt she.
    but girl do bare in mind you cant use this with normal nail polishes ya.
    im still funding on mine to get the starter set. haha

  2. @LyNn – Yeaps, I was so happy and excited. Been smiling all the day and telling how generous is she to everyone. Normal nail polish don’t work on it? Why? I’ll probably do the trial and error first.

  3. waaaaa u have finally gotten your parcel  I did not leave you any tracking number because this was meant to be a real surprise ma …anyway i am glad that you like it tho .

    Sending me something would be not necessary la, I was hoping you find a job soon and if I am in town i will want you to buy me a big bowlful of Ice-Kacang aye…. anyway i hope you have fun with them ya…take care Traclyn !!

  4. @Elyn – Hahaha thanks to you and made my day much happier since I’m busy visiting my mum at the hospital. I really love it. Thanks for all the wishes and one big bowl of Ice Kacang won’t be a matter at all. There would be some gift that I like to share with you. You take care too alright?

  5. so sweet of her! konad is really addictive, and soon i bet your traincase will not fit your polishes 😛
    the konad topcoat is my must-have, and the special polishes. have fun with them! 😀

  6. erm normal nail polishes are too thick.
    dont worry bout the top coat.
    i have something for you 😛
    now im waiting for the rest of the item i order for you
    then can mail or give you d 🙂

  7. @prettybeautiful – I wonder where can I get the special polishes?

    @LyNn – What?? You have something for me? Don’t waste your money like this alright? Go get the stuff that you want. I tried with normal nail polishes ady. Find that they can’t set to the pattern. That’s the prob.

    @Sue – Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely enjoy it!

  8. already get d.
    you dont come tell me you dont want a.
    then really wasted 😛
    yeah the pattern wont come out cause the normal nail polishes are too thick.
    thats the downside of konad. must use their nail polishes! 🙁

  9. Those nail art collection is so cute! I want to try doing nail art, where can I buy those nice nail polishes just for doing those type of design?

  10. oh wow…that is so much fun!!!
    I had 10 design plates…I didn’t know have to use special nail polish to apply..I used normal nail polish which is ok…but mine is not Konad….I think mine has no brand! hahaha

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