Dial Concealer Review

I can say for the price I paid for this concealer, this concealer can be considered not too bad. I bought this from Daiso for only RM5. It provides a medium coverage and to pick the shades you’ll have to look at the bottom of the whole packaging where it comes with color strips. There’s green and pink as far as I remember but there are more shades than just two. Although it was darkest concealer with yellow undertone but I really loving it.

The Makeup Talk:
When you’re choosing your concealer, you don’t have to always go for a shade (or half) lighter than your skin. It depends on what you wanted to conceal (blemish, pimples, dark circles, etc,..) and there are many ways to conceal and neutralize it. Concealer comes in many different shades like skin-tone, yellow, green, pink, purple, peach and many more (you name it). They come in many different form where you can find in cream, liquid or powder. They also come with different formulas like pore refining, anti-aging and medicated.

You may see me using in some of my makeup tutorials and you can see how easy they blend. The texture is not too thick and not too liquidy. I think it’s just right because it doesn’t dry up too fast and it settles on my skin slowly after blending. It has a mild smell of ‘plastic’ but that doesn’t really bother me. The applicator is just like one of those lip gloss type but I think the bristles on my concealer was a little uneven so I gave it a trim, no biggie. It does cake a little when I conceal my undereye but I quick fix it by just using my fingers to blend and it’s all good. I like that it lasted quite long on me. No irritation at all. My skin work fine with it. I’ll definitely recommend it for beginners and those who are looking for medium coverage concealers.

Easy to blend
The texture is just nice
Medium coverage
Easy quick fix
No irritation
Long lasting

Cakes a little
Has ‘plastic’ smell
Applicator bristles uneven
Unavailable globally

My rating: 4/5

p/s: Just a reminder for US readers, there’s always Daiso link for you whenever I review Daiso items, Daiso Japan Online Store in USA. It will be easier for you to check item availability.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I just brought the blusher that you recommend from daiso quite a few entries back(: it was pretty great. daiso in vivo city run out of stock though(: i love reading your entries, do make more videos alright(: takecares sweetie.


  2. I dont really need concealer, so I dont buy it. I’m glad too because concealer here can be outrageously expensive (more than foundation!). I mostly got it before to make my eyeshadows come up better until I could but better stuff to use.

    Can you recommend a good yet inexpensive medicated concealer? I see you use some in some tutorials but the names escape me!! Lately I’ve been getting acne spots that hurt that I want to cover without putting on make up. If there’s a good medicated concealer I can use to match my skintone so I dont need make up, I’d love to buy it! I know I’m a cool tone in foundation so maybe in works that way in concealers….I think make up annoys acne anyway so when they pop up, I use powder instead of liquid.


  3. @LyNn – Yeap along with the quality as well. Quite decent.

    @-doreen- – First of all thanks for dropping by! I really hope to see you more often and do comment because I do want to know who are my readers and get some feedback. I’m glad that you’re happy with the blusher. I love it too. More videos to come, don’t worry about it okays? Hope to see you around more often.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – That saves you a lot for the need of concealing. I still looking forward for good concealers. The medicated concealer that I was using is Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cover Stick and I’d say that it didn’t really give me any problem but the coverage is just alright. Not full and it can be a little dry sometimes. That’s the only medicated concealer I’ve use and medicated concealer is very limited here. Usually it’s expensive  and I didn’t purchase Body Shop here. I purchase it when I was in Australia.

  4. I tend to stay away from creamy type concealers since they always crease on me, I only use mineral concealer right now. Hmm, I  agree with choosing a color 1/2 a lighter than your skin to conceal. I actually use a shade darker than my skin and it works like a charm. You should warm it up before applying it, maybe it would be less cakey. (:

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