Shih Ching’s 21st Birthday

I was invited by Chloe to go for Shih Ching’s birthday on 18th August. Yeah, she is a new friend of mine although they came from Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus). Well, although we have just known each other now, it wasn’t too late.

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On the day itself, all my flat mates and I including Joel and his girlfriend who came for vacation, Racheal, went for the celebration. They were doing barbeques of chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, steaks and hotdogs. Shih Ching didn’t know that we are having a birthday celebration for her. At the starting of the barbeque, it was boring. It’s just the barbeque and some chatting session but I have been poking around and took some of their pictures.

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Shih Ching was surprised that many are celebrating her birthday. Later that night, Chloe and Anita were being so nice to bring her birthday cake when previously everyone was asking for Anita. Unexpectedly, on Chloe’s hand there is a plate full of whipped cream hiding behind her. SPLAT! Shih Ching’s face is covered with whipped cream and the smell of the whipped cream is not that nice either. After that Shih Ching starting to chase everyone to make sure others get the cream on their face too. Look at the damage! I was one of the victims! Shih Ching didn’t even let go of the latecomers, Ai Leng and Jessie! They went to the church that night, that’s why they are late. It was fun! Thanks for inviting!

There will be more details on the places I have visited in Melbourne. There are many beautiful scenery and elements around town. Stay tune with me, alright?


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