Are Bloggers Just Boring People?

As I was speaking to a friend whom I just knew yesterday, I was telling her that I blog almost everyday. She wowed at me and told me that I should go out more often and see more of the outside world. Well, it dawn on me thinking that are bloggers just lonely people who sits in front of the computer doing their postings? Are we all just living in a box of boredom?

I’ve seen people earning their income by being a full-time blogger, and they are interesting people. Lucky them, they are sponsored.

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. haha, was I tagged because you believe I’m a boring blogger with no life?  Well, you pretty much hit the nail right on the head, but chance assumptions are not always good to do lol


    It’s true to some extent that many of us might not go out often, but it doesn’t necessarily take that much time out of the day to blog.

  2. I’d like to think this description is way off mark for me…

    I’m getting ready to run a political campaign for the student body Vice President position at my university of over 45,000 enrollment. I’m organizing a separate campus-wide campaign to get as many student from my university as possible for a peaceful demonstration in Washington DC this February demanding cleaner and nuclear-free energy production standards in the US…

    I once rode a bicycle from Florida to New Jersey without and friends or money.

    In addition I’m a musician, a psychology student, an activist, an amateur chef, an entrepreneur, and the list goes on! I’m not bragging, but I am defending myself against the notion that I’m just a boring shut-in with nothing better to do.

  3. lols, I don’t think they are boring people.

    Well, I’ve been blogging for over 5 years to just update myself about my life, its like a personal diary which I intend to read when I’m 55 years old. We may have fun or boring lives at times, but I just want to document whatever fun/boring times I had 😀


    (Besides Emmagem) I blog here: 😀

  4. Let’s see, it takes less than an hour to come up with a post. There’s the rest of the 23 hours in a day. Take 7-8 hours of sleep, and the rest are used for work, eating, socialising, and doing whatever else you want to do.

    So how does that equate a blogger into living in a box of boredom? Ahhhhh …. 😉

  5. haha.. not at all. bloggers are not asses, we’re simply awesome writers who pours every event of our life out to people and probably some minors, but we have fun really. it doesn’t mean anything when we stuck ourselves at home blogging.
    its like having a journal of your own and having time to read others too. i don’t see why and how lonely we can get. because its after all the experiences that led us writing here instead everyday. we don’t wanna waste time thinking and recalling. we want it like a history time line:)

  6. Some are boring. You’ll recognize their blogs straight up because they have like one or two sentences per blog.

    Others are exciting. I’m exciting, for example (maybe not really… but I can pretend).

  7. @voguefemme – Hahaha no i don’t follow your blog so I wouldn’t know LOL..I just happen 2 wonder in saw the title and the biggy question mark.That caught my attention..No names mentioned,but there are some..oh boy they go 2 the extreme!!LOL..Well I suppose I might be the same as well,but I lead a boring life:}.Cheerz

  8. If a blogger is a boring person who doesn’t socialize and go out more often, what do you write about then? There should be at least some material. Some people equate leaving the house as having a life. So not true.

    Go out to a club. You sit around idly and drink. Or maybe dance. Do it once. Yay. The 10th time? Hrmmm starts to get boring.
    Go out shopping. Once in a while. Weee. 5 times a week. Errr … You’re pushing it. If not your wallet.

    Sitting at home and having a good book still gives you quite a life. At least you’re not the morons out there who are illiterate but still try to think they have more life than any blogger out there.

    Oh the people we meet in the world. Just fascinating . . . . .

  9. oh my god my god! i never realised this entry b4! you’ve been through same shiate. they’re the perfect ones,.meh!

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