Fountains, Great Deals & Un-pleasantries

Thursday morning, I woke up with noises out in the street. Jowie came to my room and woke me up softly, telling me the fire hydrant got busted and there was water everywhere. I came out from my room looking for the exit to the balcony with my eyes half opened. The moment I stepped to the balcony, my eyes are wide opened. Woah! The water was about three storeys high. I have gotten excited and started taking pictures of it. Later, I went to brush my teeth and went down with Jowie to take more pictures. It was a windy day and when we got down the wind was blowing some of water. It really felt as though as it was drizzling. We stood there for quite some time and there is this car driving forward and backward to get his car washed under the three storeys high fountain. We gave him applause and thumbs up for that.

Jowie wanted to get some food from Safeway but we ended up in the clothing store that I wanted to go so much because there are really great deals. My eyes widen up as all of the items in the store are only $10 except for the clothing are $20. There I went all over the store to find some goodies. Finally, I’ve bought two bags, a pair of heels and a pair of aviators. The total bill was only for $40. Each of the items was $10. I was so happy and Jowie spoilt me. It is because he was saying it could be best deal ever. Not many stores would offer $10 for huge and stylish bags. Therefore, he was encouraging me to buy more. After I did all the great deal purchases, we went to Safeway to grab some food. Joel took my aviators to cam-whore!

Not long after when I get back home, I’ve receive a SMS from my boss asking if I could manage close for tonight. I wasn’t supposed to work today but it’s okay. I agreed but I’ll be going in at 6 p.m. since I have class from 2:30 p.m. till 5:30 p.m. Class was very fun and interesting. It didn’t felt like it’s a three hours class at all. The class was very participative including me because I hardly speak up in class. I had fun a lot and learn a lot too. The class finished at 5:40 p.m. and I was afraid to be late at work. Oh dear! Jowie companied to walk me to work. I reached Flipps five minutes before six, therefore I wasn’t late. My boss was there, started telling me what I will have to do for the night, and I’ll be the manager. I’m on probation as manager and the pay will be higher as well. I’m very happy and nervous at the same time as this is my first time and I have to do the job well. No one would be in Flipps to take charge but me. The night wasn’t that busy and everything went pretty simple. It wasn’t too bad after all, even my boss called to check how business is going. I really hope everything goes alright. Everything was done by 9:30 p.m. and left Manoj to do the rest of the cleaning.

I went back from work with heart throbbing as I’m afraid that I left anything undone at work. Later, I receive a call from mum. There were so many things happening around my family. There was a funeral a day before the last day of Chinese New Year. It was my aunt’s mother. She passed away at the age of 95. May she rest in peace as she has been kind to us. My dad got into an accident with a motorbike that crashed behind my dad’s car. The biker was badly injured. He broke his cheek bone and collar bone. The biker is a Major’s son and the Major came to my dad asking not to file any case against him. The motorbike that crashed into my dad’s car didn’t have any breaks. My dad’s car back windscreen was all smashed and with the biker’s condition, it’s clearly that he has been speeding. I was very sad that I couldn’t help my dad to bargain to get the Major to pay for the damages as the Major approached him. What a waste. My mum was telling me that I need not to give her any call for this week as they’ll not be around. They’ll have a wedding dinner on Saturday and another dinner with her boss on Sunday. Hopefully my parents will enjoy the dinner. How I wished that I could split myself into two, so I could be here paying attention at work and studies and another part of me to be there for my family.

Traclyn Yeoh

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