Daiso Luminous Color Eye Shadow & Cheek Color Review

This is a palette that I bought from Daiso quite some time ago. I really like palettes so much because they are like a package that comes with everything but not everyone does. This palette was the first ever eyeshadow palette that I bought from Daiso. Look really pretty but it was a little disappointment for me. This palette comes with short double ended sponge applicator and a short brush which I don’t use them at all.

Look at the swatch and tell me about it. The color doesn’t really stand out as how you can see them in the palette except for the yellow and green. They are shimmery sheer but I always fix it with using the wet method, eye primer or cream eyeshadow. They helped a lot but I would say sheer eyeshadows like this would be good to take them as brow bone highlights. Somehow I like the cheek colors. It comes with two tone, one lighter and one darker. I like it because the lighter one I use it to highlight my cheekbone and the other one to blush. Mixing them is a good combination too.

Make it as highlights
Cheap (Only RM5)
Available in Daiso

Not pigmented/sheer
Not available globally

My rating: 3/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Indeed very cute pastel colors. I hardly use them too . I have not even finish using my own lip colors that I made. You know what I just got another comment on my DIY lip color saying that I’m copying Michelle Phan. I felt really unfair. Just because she did it, and I came out with something similar that doesn’t mean I’m copying. I mean there are heaps of people doing the same thing.

  2. @voguefemme – And you know what? HEAPS of people did it before her too! Just because she’s famous doesnt mean she did it first (& she’s even said so on several ocassions!). Ignore the haters, I do. They have nothing to do so they go around leaving downer comments.

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