Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA++ Review

Product Claim: Rich with aloe, which possesses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect, this multi-functional skin care product (UV protector and blemish corrector) provides moisture and nutrition to your skin while providing protection from UV rays.

The actual product, in shade 2 with net weight of 50 grams and approximately cost RM54.90 if I have not mistaken. It only comes in two shades, one is lighter and one is darker. Of all the BB creams available in Skin Food store, I was recommended with this by the sales assistant after consulting her that I have oily and acne-prone skin. I can’t provide any ingredients listing because most of the description on the back of the tube is in Korean.

This are the swatches, on the left is without flash and right is with flash. The texture is quite creamy and thick but spreading on the face is not a problem. The scent that comes with it smells great. For those who are particular about fragrances in products, I don’t think this is for you.

On my hand the left is before using and on the right is after using. The pores on my hand looks more visible before using and after using makes my hand looks fairer and pore size reduced.

On my face, the left is before and right is after. You can actually see the difference. In the before picture, my skin tone is uneven and dull. After using it, my skin tone is much more even. The redness around my eyes, nose area and blemishes has been reduced, however I dislike the shade because it is still too fair for me although I have taken the darkest shade. It is suitable to be a day moisturizer and foundation, which provides medium coverage. I was expecting a greater coverage since the texture was pretty thick. After applying, it gives quite a matte finish and my skin looked more radiant. This BB cream has been treating me good, doesn’t give me any break out but after sometime, the matte finish doesn’t last. I’m like a disco ball rolling on streets. This product can be use for sometime because just a small amount needed for the entire face.

I have run an oiliness test towards the product. What I did is just using an ordinary facial blotter and dab a pea-sized of the product.Within 30 minutes, I can see an amount of oil start coming out from the product. After 3 hours, the oil starts to appear more. It’s about 50% oiliness appear on the facial blotter from the pea size of BB cream. This shows that the product is quite oily.

I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin types. Although it is too fair for me, I use it as make-up base because after applying this product, my make-up application runs smoothly. It’s very moisturizing because it has never dry my skin out but I felt my skin a little sticky and heavy after application.

Smells good
Camouflage to make pores size reduced
Even out skin tone and radiant
Reduce redness and blemishes
Matte finish
Doesn’t give any breakout

Limited shades (mostly too fair)
Matte finish doesn’t last
Light to medium coverage
A little sticky

My rating: 3.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I’ve used the Gingko Green one. I like the texture, the smell, and the coverage for me is just right. However, it has absolutely no oil control on me and my skin isn’t even oily… But I end up with an oil slicked face.. Argh! How unfortunate. Time to try a different BB cream!

  2. its oily? yikes.
    luckily shills one is treating me good
    maybe i should do an oil test as well 😛
    and its not long lasting?
    yesterday i took a nap with shills bb cream on
    my face felt smooth when i woke up
    but im not sure if any pimple might grow after

  3. i have used aloe bb cream for almost a year and it’s true that you need 1-2 times blotting your face a day.

    keep it up girl 🙂

  4. @orilovesdurian – Yeap and it gives a shine that I didn’t really like sometimes.

    @LyNn – Yeah, oily for me because I have quite oily skin and with the weather climax in Malaysia makes it even worse.

    @soniality – Looks like I’m not the only one! Thanks!

  5. Ah I tried the samples from each of their BB cream lines and even for my dry skin they still feel a little oily and I agree that even the darker shade is still pretty light. My friend took the shade 2 and she looks ghostly @_@.

    The aloe one smells great though.. unlike the mushroom bb cream xD

  6. Thanks so much for reviewing this product for me hun. I really appreciate it. I have combo/oily/sensitive skin so this might just be a bit oily for me too. That shade looks super light though. On my skin, it might make me look super washed out. 

  7. I tried the oil test for my Skin79 DermaRX too and yikes, it is oily too! I have always wanted to try out the Skinfood one, sounds okay from your review 😉 

  8. @Shuu – Really? Maybe this products are imported, and the product is alright to use in other weather humidity. Unlike our country is sunny all year round.

    @Dee – No problem! I’m glad that you requested. Yeah, the shades are crazily fair for me. They should have came out with more shades.

    @Cyndi – Oh, I thought Skin79 is always good. Guess that it doesn’t sound like it. Shuu, just said that many other Skinfood ones are quite oily too. Maybe look for other ones?

  9. I have this but sadly it didn’t work for me, not on my super oily nose 🙁

    But might I say, bravo, I’ve not tried out that way of testing oil content in a product, and this is brilliant!! I’ll definitely be using this method when I’m trying out new skincare and makeup. Thanks for the idea 😀

  10. hey can i know whether did you tried gingko and mushroom? which one is not so oily? i have oily face too. dunno which bb cream to choose

  11. Have you tried the Peach Sake BB cream?
    It apparently reduces pores and is great for oily skin.

    I bought a tube and have yet to use it.

  12. Yeah I am using this Aloe Vera bb cream too. It is more natural compare other bb cream brand in the market. However i personally think that Skin79 is also another good bb cream besides Skinfood as they have a large variety of bb cream for different skin types. Just aware with those fake Skin79.

  13. @Jacqine – Good for you that is worked well on you but I’m kinda giving up on trying BB cream especially they are giving me the ghostly look. Tinted moisturizer works better on me.

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