Look What I’ve Got!

Last week, I have received two unusual text messages. Have a look…

Firstly I thought it was a scam. Later I gave it a thought, I did join Cosmopolitan Malaysia Magazine contest but that was like last year on September or October. So, I gave a call to the number given and guess what? I did win the items and it’s definitely not a scam! I went to pick it up this week, let’s see what are the items…

A Milab Acne Pen and a voucher from Fisho Fish Spa. I would think that the acne pen would be useful for me but the fish spa is not really in my favor. It’s still expensive for me. Anybody wants it? Hahaha…I have been lucky ever since I came back from Australia winning prizes from big to small. I’m happy! Keep the luck coming~

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. @babjengi – It’s like a pool of fishes(which these fishes only eats up your dead skin). Just dip your legs or some fish spa offers to body soak. They claimed to help many who has skin problems…

  2. i rasa kan, that day i won the lucky draw tu is coz i terkena tempias lucky charm u. hehe!
    u are one lucky girl n still tye how i know. masih belom realise ke? haiya

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