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Lynn promised that she will be around in Kuala Lumpur one day and the day has come. On Tuesday, she made her way to my town and I brought her to tour around!We had lunch in Lucky Garden, Bangsar since all of us have not taken any yet. After lunch is all what girls do, shopping! I brought her to all the bargain stores that I rave and spied on to her. Her eyes just can’t take off from those bargain stores!

Just some small cam-whoring pictures!

That’s me and my boyfriend, Jowie.

Dearest Lynn and her other half.

Our takes together!

She also had about this meeting post up, here. She has every little detail. I’m slow and vague, I know.

She passed me a bag of goodies and I love them all! Collagen Q10 Mask, Daiso Sponge Cleaner [WISHLIST GRANTED ALERT!], Daiso Make Up Corrector and Earthen Glow True Black Eyeliner. Not to forget on the sweet note she left me. Sorry girl, I didn’t have anything of you. After the surprise package for you, I’m sort of out of surprises. I hope and look forward to meet up more bloggers!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Glad you had fun! It is nice to meet other bloggers & stuff. I havent had the pleasure of meeting some of my longtime friends in person yet but I will someday!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA but lots of drama on my end. Didnt wanna depress you. LOL. But I got a new face powder coming in the mail soon. If it’s good I’ll tell you about it so you can buy some. It was only $7.50USD ($3.00 of it was shipping. not too shabby).


  2. @Shuu – Hahaha, yeah! Poor him.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – You will one day meet up some bloggers. Oh Michelle Phan is going around in promoting her skincare, take up the chance to meet up with her.
    It’s ok to be MIA because I haven’t been really updating daily. What face powder is this? I just ordered some ELF from a spree. So excited!

    @LyNn – No worries girl! Thank you for all the goodies. I appreciate it so much and therefore, your name will be up in my wishlist for granting one of it.

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