Finally, I have found the sound that I have been searching for about a year! Oh my God ! I know this might sound a little bit ridiculous to take such a long time to search for a song. What song I have been looking for? It’s Shannon Noll’s! With the title ‘Shine’.

Why can’t I find it before this? I was sitting at home at that time, watching TV and his video clip appeared. I thought the song was inspiring. It was really good but there was no song title or the artist name and I have no clue about Shannon Noll. I tried typing part of the lyric that I managed to catch but I couldn’t find it. I told Jowie that I wanted that song and I hum the song to him but he didn’t know the song. A couple of days back when I was watching TV with Jowie, they showed an interview with Shannon Noll, and it showed part of the video clip and I was like, ‘That’s it, that’s the one!!!’. I finally found the song that I wanted so much. Today I search for the song in YouTube and kept listening to it even made Jowie to listen it. Guess did what he said? ‘I think I have that song’. I was shouting ‘WHAAAAAATTTTT?!’

Haha  anyways, it was a lovely night I spent my time with Jowie and my friends. I believe there will be pictures up soon from Tomas (my housemate) for tonight’s event in Facebook. I’m thankful that I have found the song! Listen to it.

Traclyn Yeoh
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