Japan Festival

Jowie and I went to a Japan Festival which was held on 18th May at Box Hill Town Hall and TAFE Building, we met Tekken, Kartik and Joel there. It was not bad. They had a lot of Japanese food, we only ate Takoyaki because other stuff was pretty expensive. There was performance, flower arrangement exhibition, origami, little red bridge, trains and tracks model, flea market, chess and some activities.

Yummy Takoyaki!

Joel: I’m thirsty! Beer is good!

The best flower arrangement to me

A cute toddler that I’ve stalked!

Me on the two sticks which I don’t know what activities is this. It’s difficult to balance though!

Me acting like a kiddish Japo with the red bridge

FOOD~ yummy!

Trains and tracks model


Japanese Chess

Jowie and I waiting patiently for the last performance

Japanese Drumming Performance for closing! AMAZING!

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. @feedDuh – haha sushi tu ade buthen byk lagi bende yg japs makan…for example takoyaki, okonomiyaki,ramen, and more! haha that kid cute kan? hahaha i rebut ngan dier nyer mum to take picture! my hair? i dah boring! x sabar balik and change it!

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