Autumn/Winter Trend Collection by Topshop Makeup coming soon!

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Topshop will be having their own makeup range here very soon! YAY!

Image courtesy of Tongue in Chic

The packaging is totally so Topshop but looking on the other hand, it looks like another edition of MAC if MAC were to come out similar theme. Looks exclusive, simple yet funky! Don’t know about the exact prices in Malaysia yet but I’ll  include what’s offered in Topshop UK.

Image courtesy of Tongue in Chic

From the pictures, you could obviously tell that there will be makeups for face, eyes, lips and nails. Aren’t they pretty?

Image Courtesy of Tongue in Chic

Topshop blushers look really pigmented aren’t they? They are lightweight from cream to powder blusher, Topshop UK is selling at £6.00.

Image Courtesy of Tongue in Chic

Eyeshadow Duo, I find the name of the eye shadows are interesting and I believe it could be shimmery. Topshop UK selling at £6.00.

Image Courtesy of Tongue in Chic

Trio eyeshadow, it’s shimmery and look sort of like baked eyeshadow. Topshop UK selling at £8.00. I found a review, here. The makeup brush is a slanted  eyeshadow brush, Topshop UK selling at £4.00.

Image Courtesy of Tongue in Chic

Amazon Glitter, it’s in a standard pigment jars. I like how they added some stars on the lid, making it look fabulous. I think it’s really suitable since Christmas is coming! Topshop UK selling at £6.00.

Image Courtesy of Tongue in Chic

The top left corner, I believe is the blusher. Gloss are ultra shiny lip gloss and I think they look really juicy, I like all of the three colors above pleased. Lips are their sheer satin matte finish lipsticks. Topshop UK selling Gloss for £5.00 and Lips for £8.00.

Image Courtesy of Tongue in Chic

Nails are their nail polish and it’s fast drying, long lasting with glossy finish and perfect coverage. We don’t usually get to find good grey nail polishes here unless you look for OPIs or purchase some brand you never heard of from online. Nails in Topshop UK is £5.00.

From the top two pictures, I’ll be able to spot:

  • Eyeshadow Brush, Topshop UK(£4.00)
  • Blusher Brush, Topshop UK(£7.00)
  • Kohl, Topshop UK(£4.00)
  • Colored Mascara, Topshop UK(£8.00)
  • Felt Pen Eyeliner, Topshop UK(£6.50)

There’s two product I couldn’t identify from the first picture, the square compact and gold packaging colored retractable eyeliner-like. I

I get to know that they are coming after reading Beauty Bank: New! Trend Collection from Topshop Make Up. I can’t wait to see these products to arrive! Some of you might look upon the quality but I guess it should be alright as long as it doesn’t make your skin to break out or any harm. Look into the ingredients listing if it you’re worried about it. I believe that makeup enthusiast will love to try this.

It will be at Topshop KLCC, Malaysia from December 2010 onward. I asked why is it only in the outlet from KLCC, TiC Facebook thinks that because that’s their flagship store and I came to realize that outlet has more items than we usually see on other outlets. We got to be patient for the makeup to arrive! Be patient! laughing

Price range are from RM30 -RM55, quite affordable huh? Looking at the prices I quoted above, I think it’ll be pretty reasonable in Malaysia.

Check out more makeup at Topshop UK Makeup and Tongue in Chic’s Website for fashion, beauty, shopping and many more.

If you like to add them in Facebook, here’s the link:


I found out the prices and which of the makeups will be brought in from CLEO Magazine December issue. Let’s check out what are the prices like.

  • Colored Mascara – RM46
  • Cream Eye Shadow – RM39
  • Kohl – RM23
  • Eye Duo – RM33
  • Crayon – RM33
  • Polish – RM33
  • Lips – RM46
  • Gloss – RM43
  • Glitter Pot – Not stated
  • Blush – RM33
  • Skin Glow – RM59
  • Skin Tint – RM59
  • Nails – RM29

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