Pop The Art and I’ve WON!!!

The last post I was speaking about me joining the pop art contest, the next thing I know is I have won it! This is incredible!

I was very excited and I went to check on the link immediately. Click here. Seriously I never thought of winning. Thanks Tongue in Chic for choosing me. I immediately called Jowie to told him about the winning. I owe you an infinite kisses! We have canceled our outing and went to collect the prize the next day.

Happy and still can’t believe it. I admit I have never in my life won a contest. I know it sounded really sad, but it’s reality. If one thing is meant to be yours it will, if it wasn’t for you then it will never come. But sometimes you just need to work hard for the things you want. I never ask for any fancy mobile phone lately and I never thought what am I going to do if I won. I just want to dress up according to the theme set because I know I can.

LG Secret Black Label Series, is the mobile phone that I have won. This is such a beautiful phone and I don’t know what to do with it. I mean this is the third phone I’m having, I’m already happy with my Sony Ericsson Z610i. There’s a few options that I could think of on what to do.

Option 1: Trade LG Secret Black Label Series mobile phone, keep using my Z610i and save the money.
Option 2: Trade my Sony Ericsson Z610i, use LG Secret Black Label Series and save the money.
Option 3: Keep all of them and use whichever I want.

The LG phone is still sitting on my desk. I have tested the phone, I love the camera the most. It’s 5 megapixels, macro functions, many different effects and different ISO levels. The camera functions makes me feel so hard to let go of this phone.

Another thing that I’m happy about of this winning is Joyce from TiC (Tongue In Chic) linked my xanga site in their post and my Pop Art Photo Shoot post viewings went up like a sky rocket.

Look at that, there’s 99 views up until today and I know I’m making such a big fuss about it when there are so many bloggers out there could get higher viewings than this but I don’t usually get this. So I’m very happy about it. Well at least everyone who visited my site, they know I existed. Thanks for visiting and reading my site people. Do come and visit and stay tune with me, alright?

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. omg!!! that phoneee! my dream phone!! ure so luckyyy! JELES nih!!
    hehe congrats!!!

    oh i blom amek lagi d hamper. they were not in when i nk dtg amek. n u know what, they say it’s not 100, its 1000. i dont know about that guess we just have to wait n see.

    nway congrats again!!!

  2. @feedDuh – is it really ur phone? u can always try on the contest that i have joined. they still have more phones to give out. 1000? holy crap! that’s a lot… man i can’t wait!!! thank you so much!

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