Joel returning to Malaysia

Joel is one of my friends whom I knew since college. Recently, meet him back when I came to Melbourne. Thanks to him guide us to go to some outings and much other stuff. Today he had his final exam and can’t wait to go back. He is flying off tonight! He is trying to become the perfect boyfriend. Tomorrow is Racheal’s birthday but she won’t be in Malaysia anyways but Joel just wants to be there.

That’s him, cam-whoring.

Joel returning to Malaysia and left us behind, CRUEL! He left many of his belongings with us. While busy packing and shifting his belongings up to our apartment, Melissa gotten sad and she cried. She was blushing red as she tearing. I was trying to make things even worse. I played some songs that we really love from the TV show ‘You Think You Can Dance’. The song where they put it up when the contestant are chose to leave the competition. There are two different songs since there is female and male contestant. So since Joel is a male, I’ll put up here the song for the guys. You got to listen to it. It’s real good.

The female contestant tribute song will be this.

All of us spending time chatting and helping up with Joel. We even had the time to play Counter-Strike! Hilarious! Well, that’s how we spend our days together. Hope he will have a safe flight back home.

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. well, hope u guys r nt angry wif him ya. he’ll b back there soon about couple of weeks more. u guys r cool..oh ya..wanna congrate u guys for ur passing in exam. n hope u guys enjoy more when joel gets back k.miss u guys so much..oh ya, erm..pls keep an eye on joel, haha..dun let him over excited when he’s there….;) c ya guys 1day .


  2. @racheal020607 –  yeap i know he is coming back to Melbourne soon cuz he is gonna see my mum before coming back. he is doing me a favor to bring some stuff from my mum to be. felt so sorry to actually trouble him.

    we will keep an eye on him dun wry.he will be good.

  3. haha..yea..i heard bout it be4..well, all i can say if jus help me to keep an eye on him..hahah.dun let him consume 2 much ‘oxigen’..enjoys u guys

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