Friday November 7, 2008

Chapter 62 – Made My Way

I’m very happy today as I was able to made my way alone to Jowie’s house using only public transport. It was a surprise for him. It came to my surprise that shuttle buses fare are now for RM1. I went off only a year away from Malaysia and back then was only RM0.50. That’s an increase of 50%, isn’t that a little drastic?

I’m also happy that I worked so hard for Fashionoid, finally my hard work is not a waste after all. For just this week, theres 400+ footprints to Fashionoid site. It’s footprints amount went higher than my very own site. It’s okay although some of the footprints are from the same visitor, at least I know that they are not only seeing Fashionoid just at one glance but they are looking through it. Anyways, footprints are the number amount of times people going through the xanga blog.

To my dearest bestie, I’m sorry for whatever happened to you lately. I’ll try my best to support and help you. I felt important as you gave me a call last night when you’re falling apart. Thank you because suddenly you made me felt appreciated. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to listen to you.

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. jahat la u. i almost in tears suddenly baca the last part. i know who i can trust n i can’t trust n ure in the list of the FEW people i trust most. thanx for everything. love you babe.

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