Friday November 7, 2008

Chapter 63 – My Experience at Carven Ong’s Fashion Show

As I am working for Fashionoid, I went to the press conference of Miss World Malaysia 2008 and Carven Ong’s 2008/09 Autumn Winter Launch Fashion Show. I was pretty excited as this is the first time I registered Fashionoid as a media at the media registration counter. As I went to approach them:

Me: Hi, I’m from an online fashion blog, Fashionoid is here to do a coverage on this fashion show. I
       gave a call this morning and they said that its sort of open for the public. Should I be registering?

The unidentified woman I spoke to look at a man, and the man nodded.

Unidentified Woman: Oh yes. You can just register here and we will provide you a press kit.
Me: Thanks! (Starting to register, actually just write your name, contacts and which media are you

Unidentified Woman: Do you have a card?
Me: Yes (Searching through my bag, oh…where is it? FOUND IT!!). Here you go. (It’s our very own
       handmade business card)

Unidentified Woman: Oh that’s very cute!
Me: Thank you!
Unidentified Woman: The event will start at around 3:30 p.m. You might want to return at 3:15 p.m.
Me: Alright, thank you so much!

I was pretty nervous but thankfully Jowie was there with me. He is the one who encourage me to register. He wants me to show that Fashionoid are for real. Thank you so much darling.

The event was pretty nice, elegant and beautiful evening gown on parade. However, there is a disturbance to it. This camera man which I don’t know which media interupted my video recording. He stood right in front of my camera! Oh, how I feel like landing my punch into his face. I did a candid on it. Let’s watch.

I had to move around to behind him and continuing recording on the view under his armpit. Urgh! I still have more! It also happened when I was snapping shots. Look at this.

He is so annoying!!! Kick him!!!

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. hahha u know even i dh tgk pun b4 this the vid, still i gelak lagi. so cute la u go here and there.
    nways, i dont know how to say it, but uve done alot for fashionoid. keep up the good job!

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