Langkawi Island SURPRISE Day 3!

Alright this would be the last day of Jowie and I in Langkawi.

Watch Tower

Scenery nearby the Watch Tower

Me and the Watch Tower

The Legendary Mahsuri’s Tomb

Sharing our kiss~

Can you see us?

Laksa Mahsuri? So tempting~

Can’t resist it! Hehe!


The seventh generation of Mahsuri’s, Wan Aisyah now is 24. Read that all Mahsuri’s family now are in Thailand.

Dining at Orkid Seafood Restaurant

Butter Prawns

Claypot Scallops

Hokkien Fried Noodles

At night, we take off back to Kuala Lumpur
Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. wahh the dress u pki tu lawanyee. and the kittens, so cuteee!!

    happy happy happy couple! happy couple yg menghappykan org lain melihatnya. hehe.

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