It’s been a very long time

Okay! Okay! First of all I appreciate those readers who been patiently waiting for me to update but I was sort of busy after I left Melbourne. I’m really sorry! I have finished my studies and went for graduation ceremony. It was my pride to go up at the stage to take my certificate. Sadly my parents couldn’t be here but it’s all right. I brought back the certificate and photos proudly for them. Tears of joy did not flow from my eyes but I was happy that I have Jowie, his parents and friend who came along in the ceremony to celebrate and be happy for us too. Thanks a lot Jowie, Uncle Jeremy, Aunty Judy, Joel and Victor for attending the ceremony. Now I have graduated with degree, Bachelors of Human Resource Management with Marketing as a minor.

Besides that I have enjoyed myself way too much traveling some part of Australia. Where did I went? First is Tasmania. It is a lovely place to visit, beautiful and wonderful. Its really a cold and windy during the winter. The scenery was amazing! Fantastic brewery tour, busy Salamanca Market, and many more.

Then Jowie and I decided to go back as soon as we receive our bond deposits back but we didn’t want to go back directly to Malaysia. Our first stop was Perth before heading back. At this stop, we took the chance to visit Esther and Diana, our friends back in KDU College. We bunked at Esther’s house for a week. Perth is really fun! We even took a tour to visit the Wildlife Park, chocolate factory, wine tasting, and lots more. The best thing about this tour is we get to have a feel of typical Australian BBQ, the atmosphere and food especially the tour guide a.k.a the boss’s homemade apple pie. It was delicious!

Next stop was Singapore. Those cold days in Australia are pretty strong this year. When I came down from the plane in Singapore, it was totally warm and humid. I quickly took out my boots in the airport food court. Singapore is pretty much almost the same with Malaysia especially the food. Jowie’s cousin is working here and we did catch up with him.

I came back without telling my mum, so called giving her a surprise. We took the KTM (train) from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and it took them to complete the journey six hours. I will never going to take the train again. Jowie’s parents picked us and send me home. It still couldn’t stand the weather yet, very warm. Maybe get used to the weather in Australia, always being cold except for summer. The next morning I woke up early and hoping in front of my mum tried to scare her. The smile that filled in her face was priceless. I could see that she’s really happy that I’m back but she never says it. It’s usual.

A week after returning, I went to catch up with my best friend, Fyda. I was acting like a foreigner when I saw her approaching her as though I was lost. She jumped and screaming seeing me. Damn I missed her dearly! Ever since then I have been seeing her every week to get some ‘project’ done.

The project that I have just mentioned is an online fashion blog, Fashionoid. This blog is created by Fyda but was inactive for a lot of months. I have approached Fyda with a revival plan and she is totally excited about it. This week is the revival of this blog and I hope to get support from you. It’s your choice to subscribe it or be friends with it or maybe bookmark it to be our loyal reader. If you have opinion, you can always email to us at

Traclyn Yeoh
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